Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Home With Heart ... and STYLE!!

One of my very favorite parts about blogging is meeting new and creative people, many of them also bloggers, who share a passion for creating inspiring interiors in their own homes. Very recently, I had the pleasure of being introduced to James and his blog, "thecavenderdiary" which chronicles the work he and his partner Jamie have done on their Dallas, Texas ranch located on Cavender Street.

James and Jamie have a Masculine-Eclectic aesthetic, creating a modern lodge feel with touches of animal hide, navaho, leather, and hudson bay blankets mixed with a modern line sectional with chrome legs, danish modern benches, glass tables, and vintage school house lockers. Very Ralph Lauren, Dan Marty-esque, don't you think? It's a warm and comfortable home, with every room, every corner, every vignette more inspiring than the first.

James and Jamie use this small bench top vintage toolbox for magazine cuttings for inspiration, recipes, etc., such a good idea!

James works as creative director for a retail store, so the vignettes throughout his home are expertly crafted. Each of them include the staples: books, vintage, height, and bling. I know my readers, and I know how you all love homes with unique flare, and blogs chock full of great tips and ideas to implement in your own home. So, I'm so happy to introduce you to James and Jamie, because you'll find plenty of both here.

Though the den of their home certainly inspires me, when I saw the post of their master bedroom, I knew exactly my guest room was missing!

Look at how cozy that bed looks! James already knows I'm gonna be copying elements of this room - but I'll leave the details until I reveal the guest room in the coming weeks.

James and Jamie promise to have even more photos of the rooms of their home up on the blog in the next few weeks, and I hope you'll hop over and follow him (as I have) to make sure you don't miss out on more inspiration!
Tell them I sent ya!


  1. Artie I love their use of color texture and layering to achieve such a fab look!


    Art by Karena

  2. Wow, right up my alley! Love their style and how they mix it up.

  3. I love how they used the kitchen bar as a sofa table behind the sofa. This house is WONDERFUL! This is a blog I will certainly visit.

  4. This all looks so warm and cozy. Wish I was in that living room right now with a fuzzy blanket and the fire going! There are some really good creative elements here. I'm impressed! p.s. I just looked at photos of your sun room. You've inspired me to take on slipcovers for my sofa and loveseat. It's time!

  5. I WILL pop over and start following them, Artie! Love their "look". Can't wait to see YOUR room too. XO, Pinky

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  7. Wow! This is wonderful! What a breath of fresh air! Great design! Lots of great ideas- colorful and creative!