Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LOVE ... Black Walls - Librarys and Offices

Black just seems to work in offices and dens, don't you think?

Seashells, Corals, and Crystal Combinations loaded today ...
Just click on the photo to view stock!


  1. It always looks so rich to me. Living in the cloudy, dark Midwest I think it would be too dark for me to live with- but it is fun to look at in someone else's home. xo Diana

  2. oh artie i just love black offices. these images are just amazing. i painted my husband's office black and i love it. it is very hard to photograph well b/c it is so small and dark. i'm gonna give it a try though, just in your honor!

  3. I live in the Midwest and I am painting parts of my remodeled kitchen, pantry/morning room and library in black. I l have large windows that look onto the garden and I think I'm really going to enjoy how black focuses the garden view.

  4. Gorgeous inspiration pics! I am too much of a freak for sunlight to ever paint any of my rooms black but it IS wonderful in someone else's home :o)

  5. It looks wonderful and very moody...nice for a library. I like the almost blacks that Farrow and Ball offers, dark enough but with some depth of color.

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