Monday, November 11, 2013

A Little Progress ...

Well, the Christmas decor is being layered in, piece by piece. I really need to bring in my camera and stop relying on my iPhone with this terrible lighting. Once I get my lanterns from Progress Lighting, I think that'll be better.

I decided that an asymmetrical arrangement worked best here, and I liked the play of the traditional plaid with the somewhat unconventional arrangement and decoration. Some people won't get it - it will look unfinished, for others, it will be an inspiration for their mantels at home. That's how these tours work ... which do you think?

See you Wednesday - with a GREAT giveaway!! 


  1. Looks fabulous, Artie. I love the asymmetrical garland.
    XO, Victoria

  2. I think that garland would actually work for us! Love that you are doing color! How rich and welcoming! xo marlis