Thursday, September 17, 2015

Modern Art, Traditional Interiors

Ever since I welcomed the beautiful abstract art of my friend Dianne D. Ballard into my home, I've been more and more interested in the affect that modern and abstract art has in traditional interiors. You might remember that my gorgeous pieces once hung over the sofa, flanking a mirror. In the new apartment, I'm not sure if this vignette will resurface or not, BUT, it certainly was gorgeous, and my Dianne D. Ballard art will always have a very special place in my home ... no matter where I make it!

My first place - with my Dianne D. Ballard pieces (SO GORGEOUS!)
So, of course, if you're reading the blog, you know I am thinking about doing a wall of mirrors behind the sofa in the new place. It needs the architectural interest. But, I've also thought of asking Dianne to do another piece of work for me, this time larger! Oh, yeah! Dianne does commissions! Interested? Dianne can be reached at or phone 252-497-6246 to discuss the possibilities for your space.
Dianne has been a faithful reader of my blog for a long time, and I know she'll see this post and say "LET'S DO IT!" So while I figure out the space and the walls and where exactly more of Dianne's beautiful work would hang - we can ooh and ahh over these gorgeous spaces, where traditional interiors meet modern and abstract art! Enjoy!


 All images via pinterest.


  1. I love the mix of modern art against a traditional backdrop. Mixing it up looks so interesting whereas traditional art makes it more granny looking.

  2. Let's do it!!!!! LOL I just sat down to read my favorite blogs and found this. Thank you Artie. You know I am ready whenever you are. Looking forward to pictures of the new apt. Hugs!

  3. I loved this post and was even more surprised when I saw a room from a house we had done! thanks!! Great inspiration!! xo Leslie Sinclair

  4. I simply love contemporary art in a very traditional excites the space and immediately makes you want a closer look at how the traditional/contemporary make such wonderful companions.

  5. Mind blowing decoration . Really these are looking capable .


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