Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Book Review: Segreto Vignettes

Today, I am so excited to share with you Segreto Vignettes, by Leslie Sinclair. Leslie, if you don't already know, is the genius behind the Houston-based Segreto Finishes, which specializes in decorative paint applications, plasters, murals, cabinet and furniture paint finishes, the list goes on! Her reach is wide and impeccable. The decorative finishes of Leslie's company (named after her husband's family) have been featured in every top-shelf shelter magazine, including Veranda, House Beautiful, and Traditional Home. Their reputation for creating stunning work is unsurpassed, and the homes and pieces that Leslie and her team of 35 artist savants have applied their brushes to are nothing short of amazing.

Leslie self-published her first book, Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors in 2012, and I reviewed the book on the blog here. It continues to be a fine source of inspiration for me and I use it often to illustrate the transformative power of fine paint finishes. She followed the success of her first book with a second, Segreto Style, 2014:

(I don't have a copy of this one, but I wish I did, and it's definitely on my list!) The first two books were a complete triumph for Leslie and Segreto, bringing examples of her work in finely decorated spaces to households across the world. Over-sized (each 300-pages or more) her books are not only a fine catalog of the expertise specific to Segreto, but also of the exquisite collaboration between Segreto, interior designer, and home owner.

Her third book, Segreto Vignettes, continues to impress and inspire with stunning photography of the creative finishes of Segreto, and includes the latest trends in furniture (including a section on slipcovers authored by Cote de Texas' Joni Webb), lighting, architecture, flooring, and more. A resource section in the back of the book provides you with a field guide for shopping the looks, and creating your own. Indeed, it is a more than just a prepossessing book, more than a collection of art at your fingertips, it is an essential and invaluable reference tool for all things interior. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Leslie Sinclair, Segreto Finishes, or the two of three books I'm happy to own. Luckily, the images speak more beautifully than anything I could compose. Let's take a look:

Yeah, that's a stencil. A STENCIL! Inspired by discontinued wallpaper, none-the-less.

GORGEOUS! And there are over 300-pages, each more beautiful than the one before it, offering breathtaking examples of the art that is synonymous with Segreto Finishes. As a people inspired by, and obsessed with interior design, you can search blogs, and pinterest, and google all day long, but until you sit down with one of Leslie's inspiring books and feel the weight of it, the sheer luxury, the thought that went into the planning of each detail of those delectable pages, you'll not understand the value that books like Segreto Vignettes, Segreto Style, and Segreto Secrets have in our homes. They are a constant source of design enchantment, a steady stream of elegant inspiration in the world of decorative paint finishes. It is my new favorite, and I can not urge you any more vehemently:



  1. Thank you so much Arti for all your kind words! I am so excited about this book and am so honored to share it with your readers!!! Your the best, and your blog is too!!!! xo

  2. I am particularly in awe of the flooring! -Brenda-

  3. These are very impressive . Weldone for shared , thanks .

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