Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Lamp that Shines

Well, in my opinion, and it may just be because I was the creator of said "Shining" lamp, I am marking this a successful Artie creation.

With the base created, (4- corner discs for baseboard molding along with 1- 1/4" piece of pine) and the driftwood mounted, the only decision is what color the base should be. Stained? Painted? Upholstered? You be the judge.

I'm absolutely in-love with the finial. I created this from a cut piece of driftwood, drilled to fit the screw attached to the harp. (Don't mind that alarm clock in the corner - I quickly cleaned off the table top for these pictures!)

One of a kind, no? And do you like the openess of the base? It begs to be a different color, but what? It will belong to one of you once it's finished, so it's only natural that you have a vote. So, to paint, or to stain? that is the question!