Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Music, New Friends, and an Answer

Thank you to Isa, at The World According To Isa and to Martin, at Fine Estate Liquidation. Both of these fine bloggers solved the "what's that" question of yesterday's Estate Sale find. It's none other than the barrel portion of an antique apple press, which is actually still used in many apple press farms. Since New York is the "Big" apple state, it stands to reason that someone might have one of these otherwise useless bottomless buckets in their garage.

Martin is a new reader to the blog, or a new commenter, and I thank you Martin for stopping by. For any of my treasure trolling readers that live in the San Francisco area, Martin conducts fine estate liquidation sales, and I'm sure you're bound to find countless beauties! His blog is also a treat! If any of you think you have trash that could be treasure, Martin may just have a post for you.

Isa, on the other hand, is quite possibly related to me in some cosmic way. I met Isa through the blog, by way of RMS when I posted the Dinner in the Garden post. She soon created her own fantastic blog, to take readers on the decorating, gardening, repair, and renovation journey of her beach community bungalow and guest cottage. I've read, watched, and commented as Isa has created beauty in every corner, and I urge all of you to enjoy her journey as well. Her writing is superb, her ideas and inspirations are divine, and best of all - she's asking for advice ... (and I know all of you, and I know how much you love that) ... so go and advise away.

In other news:

Today I had a "comin' to Jesus meeting" as my mother used to say. These past few weeks, life and time has flown by at speeds unknown as I lay buried in stress of work and troubles of home. Not our home, but my Texas home. I've had little time to enjoy the crisp air of the fall season, and perhaps today as I walked among the harvest colored leaves at foot, I realized that I missed their changing, too! It's time to slow down, and enjoy all of those lovely things I like to collect but never get a chance to admire, all of those decorating decisions I spent hours agonizing over, that I never get to fully enjoy, and certainly that wonderful man that gets 2o-minutes of my time everyday, yet hides the longing. Yes, it is time to slow down. Enjoy the new music.


  1. Yup...time to slow down and enjoy your beautiful home, family, and life! Here's to a quiet evening...just the two of you...and a beautiful week to come! Take care my friend!

  2. Yep, I think it is time to slow down a bit. Just relax and enjoy the changing seasons you're lucky enough to have. And take care of your man too!

    Justine :o )

  3. Congrats on answering the question of the estate sale find and I'm so happy that you are stopping to smell the roses (or fall leaves) you've been working too hard lately. Take up yoga or something. I think some relaxation will do you a world of good.
    Hugs, B.

  4. We all have those days. I hope all is good for you on your Texas homefront. Slow down, enjoy the day - the wonderful holiday season is fast approaching and should be a time of joy, family, and relaxation.

    You know I love your posts!!
    Have a great day,
    Karen in Texas

  5. Sometimes we get all caught up and forget to enjoy the ride. The good thing is you've realized this. Now sit back and enjoy the colors of autumn.
    I appreciate you giving us two other blogs to check out. It's always fun to discover new places to visit in blogland and they both sound so interesting.

  6. Oh cool! Do go and get the book! I'm really loving her humor! I need to read Crazy Ladies next...I'm having my foot surgery and won't be able to get off the couch for a week. I think it's a great excuse to go ahead and buy me several of Gollum's other books, right? Yes, I'm going to order today! Wasn't that nice of her to offer us a discussion on them?!? I think it's pretty awesome!

    Off to read your blog now...BRB!


  7. Sooo THAT'S what it is, lol! Neat! It's always nice to know the story behind the object.

    I'll be sure to check out the two blogs you mentioned, if you recommend them I'm sure they're worth reading!

    Oh and I SO agree with slowing down and enjoying life...good advise for us all...ok, I'm breathing ~~in~out~~in~out~~~~slowing doooown~~~in~out~~~~~ :)


  8. Stress?! Trouble? Not having time to enjoy the fruit of your labor? Not good! I get like that myself, and I'm glad you brought this to light and are slowing down to enjoy all that is around you and this delicous time of year! You need a vacation! Come to Cali and if I hit the lottery we'll go to Cal-a-vie and "spa-out!" =)

    I have to say that the only reason I knew what to look for in regards to your yummy find was because Martin is so clever and named the piece! I just went to look for pictures :) You give me too much credit - in more ways than one! I hope I can live up to all that you said... or wrote, I should say! Your friends came visiting, and now I see what brought them over - with that build-up, I hope they weren't disappointed! Pffft!

    You're a special one, my new found friend and Twin from another mother. My world is much brighter with you in it! xoxo


  9. Artie, so happy that you've decided to slow down and enjoy some of life's simple pleasures. The best ones are often free!
    Wishing you (and Scott)a beautiful week!

  10. Where's the pumpkin ravoli oh twin-o-mine? I'm hungry! teehee.

    I'm loving "they" Great music!

    mucho smoochos!

  11. It sure is nice to slow down and smell the apple blossoms...LOL We retired about 5 years ago and did just that... I am so sad I only said apple bucket when I have an antique apple press and should have known... LOL again... You know life is to sjort to sweat the small stuff in life so sit back, relax and enjoy life...


  12. Hi Artie,

    I wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU, for introducing Isa, I even got my husband to view her blog. He's never done that in the past, no matter how I went on about how great they were. Yep.....even yours. LOL

    She writes with such poetic verse, I can't help but going back to see what new things she's posted. Even her last one about the coyote. If that were me......well let's just say, they would have been picking me up off the floor, and leave it at that.


  13. You're very welcome D, I knew you'd love her blog!

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