Monday, October 13, 2008

The Workings of a Knock-Off

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera in a rush to get to Toronto very early Saturday morning, and the lamps I'd love to recreate are not available on the store website, but I did manage to get this picture from their luxurious driftwood collection.

Fabulous? I think so, although I could do well without the rabbit fur lampshade. (Do you think they'd knock about $9000 off the price?) This of course is a floor lamp, and for my experimental purposes, I've chosen to knock-off the design in a different but similar table lamp version.

Because I'm green-conscious, I will use this broken lamp from the basement:

Our move to New York from Texas was actually quite smooth, but this lamp and a vase suffered immeasurable tragedy, and have been banished to the basement, waiting for a salvation project. So, with the help of my very handy guest, the broken lamp was gutted, and the brains to our new knock-off were born:

Rather simple process. You'll need an old lamp, a pair of plyers and a screw driver. A tip from our handy guest: mark your grounding wire, so you'll know where to reattach! The now lamp less broken vase will be used next year as a planter in the garden:

Onward and upward, with green as our theme, the driftwood collected from the shores of Lake Ontario:

Of course it's beautiful, and the shapes and sizes vary along with the texture. We have to make it useful for the lamp though, so I drilled a 3/4 inch hole in each piece:

Love that trusty power drill, and now we have our "hole-y" driftwood ready to thread onto the lamp stem:

Like so:

I'm loving the gray tones of the driftwood, and I think it will pair perfectly with a variety of textures, colors, and hues. But before we adorn our new lamp with a shade and details, we have to create a new base:

These corner stops used for baseboard molding make perfect feet :

Glued and clamped together, I'm waiting for it to dry before tackling a color choice for the wood. Of course the shade will dictate some of that decision, but for now - at least you can see the bones of the project shaping up.
Stay tuned for the reveal, and find out how it could be yours!


  1. What a cool project Artie, I am going to show this post to Jacob, my resident electrician. If you look at my blog you can click on Jacob's blog - It's All Great Stuff - you will see a hanging Pendant light that he created. He's into vintage electric components and lamp parts.
    Can't wait to see the finished project. ~ Robyn

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  3. You are amazing, my little twin from another mother. Always, always up to something. Something fabulous, I might add.

    I'm glad Thumper catches a break and you're not doing the rabbit fur shade. =)

    (that was my deleted comment. Tooooo many typos, even for me. ;)

  4. Wow... Love what you dowith things... so talented.. Love coming to your blog it always makes me happy... Can't wait to see the finished product...


  5. do you ever sit still? are you like me and get the best ideas when you are supposed to be sleeping? I have some of my best inspirations in the middle of the night...and writing them down is not good enoug...I have to get up and do it!
    can't wait to see more!

  6. OHHHH I can see it's gonna be beautiful! I'd take it without the rabbit fur shade...sheeesh like thats gonna filter any light! And it would be a bugger to my dogs would just eat it! Can't wait to see the reveal!

  7. WEll, it is shaping up very well. Can't wait to see the finished lamp, and whenever you need me to email you my address, so you can send it right on to me, just let me know. laurie (bargainhunr)

  8. Looks like a great project Artie.
    Eeeewwww on the rabbit fur lamp shade. We have a pet bunny at our house. Im always looking for ways to recycle, remake and reuse what I have.

  9. That driftwood lamp is cool and awesome and you're right, it could be better without the rabbit fur. Nice project you did:)

  10. ooh ooh ooh, I'm loving it already, Artie! I can't wait to see it finished! I NEED to win it too!

    Justine :o )

  11. I look forward to the reveal and I am betting I will like yours even better than the high priced one. Now Artie, we have yard work, bookcase building and lamp making... I have the van ready! vickydarnell

  12. Great start Artie! And definitely--- no need for little rabbit FooFoo! Can't wait to see what YOU top it with though!

  13. Hmmmm.....trying to figure out if I like this type of lamp....maybe it is the rabbit fur.....Cant wait to see your finished lamp!!

    Come back to Texas and help me with my remodeling!! It is hard work and a chore!!

    Have a good day,
    Karen in Texas

  14. This is going to be a one of a kind masterpiece! Just the thought of a rabbit skin lampshade makes me sneeze. I know you will create something much more impressive than fur for a lampshade.

  15. Very cool and ingenious. I did a similar thing with a friend, river rocks and a drill (but not a lamp).

    Can't wait to see the final reveal!

    Your driftwood finds are spectacular!

    And...good choice on omitting the rabit fur shade.That was a leeeetle too green for me!

  16. Artie...can't wait to see your lamp!!! I'm with you on skipping the fur lamp shade...looking forward to seeing your lamp shade. Love the silvery clever of you to figure out how to make that design! Susan

  17. Brilliant, as usual Artie!

    I've enjoyed catching up with you this morning.