Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And the Winners Are ...

To be completely fair, I had Scott assist in and monitor this contest! First I cut pieces of paper and wrote everyone who entered down on their own individual sheet:

Then, I folded you all up into equal "folded" pieces of paper:

Don't worry - no one was hurt in this process. Then I put you all into a hat to have a little party:

And then, I had Scott draw the winners:

Congratulations to the winners: Nikki Crumpet, Jill, and Laurie! Please contact me as soon as you can via e-mail with which shelter magazine you'd most like a years subscription to! (And don't forget to add me to your "Blogs I Follow" list!

Now ... for the rest of you. I meant to give this out on my 100th blog post, but it simply couldn't wait until then. I know that this doesn't mean the same as winning a contest, or thumbing through the pages of your very own magazines; but I created this award just for you! No questions, no passing it along, just a token of my gratitude for your continued friendship and support of Color Outside the Lines! So, to all of you who entered: the FIRST Color Outside the Lines Award!

Wear it proudly!