Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And the Winners Are ...

To be completely fair, I had Scott assist in and monitor this contest! First I cut pieces of paper and wrote everyone who entered down on their own individual sheet:

Then, I folded you all up into equal "folded" pieces of paper:

Don't worry - no one was hurt in this process. Then I put you all into a hat to have a little party:

And then, I had Scott draw the winners:

Congratulations to the winners: Nikki Crumpet, Jill, and Laurie! Please contact me as soon as you can via e-mail with which shelter magazine you'd most like a years subscription to! (And don't forget to add me to your "Blogs I Follow" list!

Now ... for the rest of you. I meant to give this out on my 100th blog post, but it simply couldn't wait until then. I know that this doesn't mean the same as winning a contest, or thumbing through the pages of your very own magazines; but I created this award just for you! No questions, no passing it along, just a token of my gratitude for your continued friendship and support of Color Outside the Lines! So, to all of you who entered: the FIRST Color Outside the Lines Award!

Wear it proudly!


  1. I just want to say that I think Laurie vickydarnell

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to the three winners! (Cute award Artie!)

    Vicky who is Laurie? :)

  3. Well, I am SO excited!!! I hope that I am "Laurie". I feel like I should give an acceptance speach, but I'll spare you that and just run right over to email Artie with my address. Thanks Artie, for sponsoring such a great contest. laurie

  4. LOL @ Vicky. Good chuckle.

    Congrats to Nikki, Jill and Laurie.

    Also congrats on your 100th post.

  5. Well, I got so excited I misspelled "speech"!! laurie

  6. Well, I got so excited I misspelled "speech"!! laurie

  7. Well, I got so excited I misspelled "speech"!! laurie

  8. Well, I got so excited I misspelled "speech"!! laurie

  9. Congrats to the winners!
    Love this blog!!!!! I am officially addicted, it's my morning read. BTW, I am a retired art teacher from the NC public school system. I encourage coloring outside the lines!!!! LOL

  10. Congratulations winners!

    And thank you for the nifty button :)

  11. Congrats to the winners and once again I am a LOSER!!! LOL LOL LOL... Have fun with your magazines... I think when your done with them you should forward them to me... LOL Have a great day...


  12. Okaaaay, if I haaaave to. lol! Congrats ladies. I am sure you are worthy. lol This was a fun one Artie.
    Lisa & Alfie

  13. I love this place! Vicki, you're a crack-up.

    Congrats to the winners!

    Great wording on the award, Artie! We LOVE to color outside the lines! Wheee!


  14. er, Vicky! not Vicki. Sorry about that! Must... have... more... coffee!


  15. Congrats to the winners!!!
    hugs ~lynne~

  16. Congrats to all of us as we are winners having Artie's blog!

    G in CT

  17. I agree with G in CT ... we are blessed to be able to read Arties blog and interact in this way. :-)
    - SherylCanadianGirl

  18. Ditto "G n CT" and "Sheryl". I cudn't agree with you more.

  19. Thanks for the consolation prize....always a bridesmaid never a bride....just kidding. I actually have an award for you Artie at my blog. Stop on over and pick'er up. ~ Robyn

  20. Boo hoo, I didn't win! You DID win on my blog! Email me ASAP so I can know which prize you want and announce who gets what!

  21. I can't believe I actually won something.... WOOOHOOO!! I am so happy! :) See what happens when I don't check my blogs in a few days!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  22. Holy crapola, I can't believe Jill won something and I didn't! Oh, the unfairness of it all!!!!!!! LOL!
    Sorry I haven't been around Artie. Technical difficulties, then blog updating obsession!

    Justine :o )

  23. Good Saturday Morning Artie,

    We were without our computer and phone, for the past three days. I found myself staring at the little box that shows if we're getting service. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't will those little lights to go on. I guess my GOOD WITCH powers aren't working these days, just like many other parts of my body. :(
    I love your little award and will display it proudly on my blog.
    Sending good wishes to the winners of the magazines and to you for another generous prize.