Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tag Sales and Flea Markets

I've always loved a good garage sale or flea market. I remember very early on, around age 6 or 7, bargaining with a neighbor who was selling her much older children's stuffed animals for $1/each. She made a very particular face at me when I asked her, that shocked but humored face that I love so much!

Over the years, I've found a great many treasures at flea markets and garages sales, some for free. Our living room coffee table most recently, to a collection of sterling silver chargers and platter trays more than 7 years ago.

Today, while shopping for Christmas Ornaments, I happened upon a book sale. In the room of mostly fiction novels and "tween" comedies, was a Martha Stewart book called, "Good Things From Tag Sales and Flea Markets".

Because I know that many of you are fans of said tag sales and flea markets, I would love to hear your stories, and pictures of flea market and tag sale finds you adore. It may be a chair you reupholstered yourself, or a piece of transfer ware that finished out (or started) your set. I want to know all about it, and in turn, the person with the best tag sale story, will win a copy of the Martha Stewart book!

You'll love it! 143+ pages of ideas and creative projects for all of those garage sale finds. So, send your photos and stories to me via e-mail by Thursday and we'll have fun watching the stories of many great tag sale finds!


  1. Wow Artie this sounds like such a fun idea... I will be looking forward to seeing all the entrys... as you know we live in our mobile mansion so I can't put anything else in here and it has been 5 years since I went to and garage sales or estate sales... Have a wonderful day!!!


  2. I'm sure you'll get lots of great submissions. I'm afraid one will not be from me, I have never had much luck in that department. I do have four lovely wine glasses I purchased at an antique store when I was quite young that I have treasured all of these years but that is about as close as I come to a tag sale "find." I'll look forward to hearing everyone else's stories.
    Hugs, B.

  3. I haven't had a chance to visit yard sales and garage sales in a while, but boy have I gotten some great deals. I'll put some stories and pics on my blog in the next day or so and link back to this post. :-)

  4. I do love to go to estate sales and flea markets but haven't been in a while...hmmm, sounds like a good thing to start doing again now that the weather is cool though! I do have some treasures, I'll see what I can take photos of...

    Buffie :)

  5. When I moved back to the States, I had NO furniture or furnishings. I spent the first few months back outfitting my house from scratch using flea markets,yard sales and thrift stores. One of my best buys was a stainless steel barristers bookcase. I wrote about it here.

  6. Artie, I wish RMS bargainhur logged on to your site. She has lots of great treasures and I am sure some good stories. Unfortunately I'm not much for going to garage sales (though years ago I had a few, to rid of surplus toys. Now I just donate unwanted items.)

    Looking forward to the next postingS 'n stories. Wishing good luck to all who enter as I'm sure Martha's book is a wealth of information.

  7. HI, Artie, hope you'll take entries on posts that have already been done. I'm a real yardsale queen & have found some great things out there & post them regularly on my blog. Here are a couple of posts I've done on my favorite finds:
    The first one is a vintage lamp found for $5 that I refurbished & it's a prominent piece now.

    The second one is a piecrust table that I found at a yardsale & almost didn't buy, but decided I had to have it:

    I just love those kinds of finds!!

  8. Of course you can use my lamp pics for your blog & contest. I love Martha's books!

  9. Gee Artie.....

    I think that the furniture pieces we've bought at our favorite furniture store's YARD SALE, since we moved to Delaware, have been great deals. I'll have to take new pictures and post them on my blog again.
    I'm anxious too see what everyone posts.

    Have a great day.....


  10. I can't wait to see the stories and projects that come out of this great idea, Artie!

    I'll try and put something together by Thurday, but time is not my friend this week!