Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Design: Vicky Darnell

We are all in for a treat today; my first reader based blog on Christmas/Holiday Design and decor! So many of you are familiar with Vicky Darnell, if not for her wonderful comments left on blogs near and far, but for the guest bathroom concrete countertop I featured on the blog during our tag sale series.

Vicky has been a constant inspiration to everyone who meets her. Her gift for accessorizing is enviable, and her home is a statement of her wonderful taste! It's no different when the Holiday season rolls around - Vicky decorates the entire house with a touch of Christmas, and a magical, well displayed and executed touch - I might add!

It's so kind of Vicky to open her door to me, and to you, so as you take a peak inside of Vicky's Christmas Home, make sure to leave her a comment here on this page.

Vicky decorated her mantle like this every year. The painting of Santa Claus was done by Vicky's mother - certainly we can see where Vicky gets her artistic talent! The porceline, paper, and wood Santa's were gifts from Vicky's daughters; some old, some new - she displays them proudly, and beautifully here with candles and fresh garland strands.

Vicky's dining room is stunning, with it's ladder back chairs painted stone-washed blue, and the gorgeous mural on the walls. This is a wonderful reminder that you don't have to displace the feeling of a room this Holiday. Simply add a few Christmas inspired objects to the table and flat surfaces.

This beautiful holiday spray includes the glazed stone birds. Can you guess where they came from? Horchow, Neimans, Gumps, maybe Smith and Hawkens? Nope. Big Lots! Yes, Big Lots! Just goes to show that with a great eye, you can shop anywhere and find fabulous accessory items.

Vicky was lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong last year, and while there she picked up the painting you see behind this lovely vignette. An old table silver chest, cherubs, bayleaf garland and two magnificent topiaries give this sofa table the perfect Christmas touch.

Here, an iron planter is filled with fresh greens and an oversize ornament. What a great idea for a small space in need of some Christmas cheer?

Vicky, like most of us, is a resourceful lady. She takes joy and pride in creating Christmas Decor in may of the things she already has. This vignette upon the gorgeous blue wash pine buffet is a great example of that. Fresh garland strands provide a fragrant and delicate softness, while candle hurricanes filled with "snow" and more garland stems are a tasteful touch.

These ornaments rest in a wicker basket used throughout the year on the family room coffee table. (Scroll down for a full photo.) I love the way Vicky has mixed her florals here, and added the soft ambience of candle light. It's the perfect centerpiece for her beautiful family room.
Vicky's beautiful Christmas tree. Most of us find that pictures never do our homes justice. The lighting isn't right, the camera just won't cooperate, and we're not professional photographers working with thousand dollar cameras and a crew of people toting flash equipment. Vicky hasn't been able to get a good close-up of the tree, yet. But as she updates me, I'll make sure to add it here.

Take a look at the ornaments on the tree. Isn't that skating santa adorable? Vicky collects hand painted Waterford ornaments, and the santa and lion (middle left) are from that collection.

The infamous concrete counter, with a splash of Christmas. Vicky likes to spread Christmas throughout every room of her beautiful home - and I think that these bronzed reindeer are the perfect touch. Beautiful job, Vicky!

And lastly, the view of the family room. The basket atop the table here is the same as the close up featured above. You can see that the ornaments play nicely with the persimmon and gold colors used in throw pillows and lampshades!

A beautiful home, and beautiful decor for this Holiday/Christmas season. Thank you Vicky for participating! Color Outside the Lines, would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and share with you an ornament, which will hopefully compliment your beautiful Christmas tree. Enjoy!


  1. Love Vicky's elegant Christmas decor. Thank you Vicky and Artie for sharing this beautiful pictures. laurie

  2. GREAT work Vicky!!!! I really like your cast iron planter. You are finally getting me in the mood!
    G in CT

  3. Such a wonderful Christmas job you did, Vicky. Your home looks just fabulous.
    ART..you were so nice to showcase this lovely home on your blog!

  4. It's always a joy to "visit" Vicky's home. I especially loved the use of outdoor greenery inside the home. What touched my heart was the mantle with the painting from her mother.

  5. What beautiful decorations... so elegant... Thanks so much for showcasing this beautiful home... Have a great day


  6. What a beautiful Christmas home...so warm and enchanting!
    Love how she added touches in the bathroom too! And a lovely vanity and sink and faucet it is!

  7. Artie, when you e-mailed me and told me that I would be on today I was alittle concerned about following lisa luby ryan's beautiful home. But everyone has been so kind... I'm over it! lol Thanks for doing this and hugs and kisses to all of you for the nice comments. I can't wait to see all the up and coming to be posted. vickydarnell

  8. Artie, thanks for sharing Vickies warm home with us. Vickie your Christmas decor is wonderful. I love the ornament in the stone pot and those on your coffee table. And girl you know I love those deer in your gorgeous bathroom. And last but not least I too have some of those wonderful birds from Big Lots! Aren't they just the greatest? hugs ~lynne~

  9. Oh, I'm loving all these Christmas decor pics! Loved the feature on Lisa Luby Ryan, what a wonderful touch she has with everything.

    And Vickie's beautiful, but simple decorating touches are so nice.

    I'm in the middle of mine too. Merry Christmas!

  10. Vicky,

    I think your Christmas decorations are great, good job. But I sure would like to know more about that mural. I LOVE IT!!! When you have the time, would you mind sharing.

    Arite, thanks for sharing Vicky's ideas with us, your such a great guy.;)


  11. Hi guys! Vicky, your home is so welcoming and warm. My favorite feature is the blue buffet, next the blue chairs. As you can tell, I love the color blue. I am going through my home today to add a few more holiday touches thanks to you.

  12. Gorgeous Christmas decor, Vicky! I love the simplicity and warmth of your home. I remember your dining room from RMS. Beautiful.
    Thanks so much, Artie, for posting Vicky's home.

  13. Love all of your natural accents Vicky. This is all so well done, just the way you do every thing. Thanks Artie for featuring this great home by this very talented decorator. Cindy

  14. Thank you Artie & Vicky! It's always such a pleasure to "visit" Vicky's home. It's so beautiful! I've been in love with her dining room since the first time I saw it. ♥ Diane

  15. Vicky your home looks beautiful all decorated for Christmas! Ummm since you're already done could you come over and help me? *winks* Oh and could you bring that fabulous painting with you?....I just wanna get a nice close up view...Not steal it or anything.....Vanna

  16. Vicky's home looks gorgeous...but then it was always one of my favorites on RMS. It looks so festive...but still classy. Hard to do with holiday decorations! I'm glad you shared it with us. Have a wonderful day.

  17. Merry Christmas Vicky! Your home is so warm and inviting and the holiday touches are just perfect! Thanks for sharing Artie! ~ Robyn

  18. Hi again Vicky...thank you for leaving a comment on my (new) blog. I just wanted you to know that the sadness and pain have lessened since Mother passed away in May 2007. I used to have a hard time reading what I wrote, but now I think it's good therapy and a reminder of how lucky we were to have each other.

  19. Artie...thanks for giving us this great tour of Vicky's Christmas decor. She has such a warm and inviting home...love that fireplace!!! Love her use of all the natural greenery. And that mural on the wall...beautiful! We need some close-ups of the mural!

  20. Oh, Vicky, these photos are just beautiful. I love everything you have done. Now I know what to do with my planter--greenery and a big ornament! Your dining room is my all time favorite. And the pumpkin silk pillows in your LR are gorgeous.

    Thanks, Artie, for this special treat.


  21. Vicky it all looks so good. You have the FLAIR!!! Kathy

  22. Vicky, your Christmas decor is magnificent! I love how you spread a simple holiday touch all throughout the house. Artie, thanks for sharing this with us!....Christine

  23. Vicky, this is just gorgeous. I love it all! It's helped jumpstart me into getting my place done.

    What a great post, as always Artie!


  24. Artie- Always love your posts, even if I don't always have the time to comment. Thank you so much for putting "Joseph's Lullaby" on your music list. Hadn't heard it before, and it's now quite possibly going to be my new favorite Christmas song!

  25. PS: Hope you don't mind that I "borrowed" the song!

  26. Good Morning and thank you. Should tell you that the tree is in our bedroom! The BIG tree is in the living room. Had to grab a picture from last year, because we are still decorating!!! Yes we are Christmas crazies! Hope to get some new pictures up within the next week or so...Nancy

  27. Oh wow, how exquisite! I just don't have the ability to decorate like that for Christmas. Everything I do is overdone... lights, santas out the ying-yang, etc. This just looks so beautiful. Great job, Vicky! Come by and see me some time!

    Justine :o )

  28. What a beautiful job Vicky has done! Thanks for sharing this Artie!

  29. I wanted to thank everyone and say that I tried to thank everyone on their blogs but was unable to post on all of them. May you all have a Merry Christmas. Most of all, thank you artie. vickydarnell

  30. Hello Artie...Merry Christmas!

    Thank you for showcasing Vicky's home all decked out in it's Christmas finery...it's just gorgeous!!!

    Warmest wishes...Chari (Happytodesign)
    PS...I sure have been enjoying your posts...Thank you, Artie!

  31. Vicky's home is beautiful and her holiday touches are lovely! I, too LOVE the pumpkin pillows! Thank you both for sharing this with all of us! Pinky


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