Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Eve means Resolutions

I was "cleaning" the basement in an effort to get a head start on 2009 resolutions when I came across a CD of old head shots from about 5 years ago. The above was taken at a beautiful park in my hometown in Texas. The photographer was a new talent, and was taking pictures of me and my very good friend, Megan, as part of a wall of photographs he'd hang in his new studio.

Many of the pictures were set to black and white in the camera before he started shooting, but there were a few of Megan and me together that were taken in color.

Now, I realize, as we grow older, we grow wider - but for the past 5-years, a relationship and a bevvy of jobs that require me to sit at a chair all day have taken a toll on the Artie that I used to know.

I took this picture of myself tonight. A black and white image so you can compare naturally to the image of the Artie I ate above. What a change? Sure the facial hair makes me look older, but that's not the only difference.

Here, the same picture in color:

Isn't it lovely the way black and white takes some of the weight off? Anyway - I'm sure you've figured out where I'm going with this. Yes, my resolution is to lose the unnecessary 40 pounds I've added to my earlier physique. I wouldn't normally share such images with you all here, but I felt like putting it on this forum would keep me motivated and obligated.

Thank you to all of you for such a wonderful 2008, here's to a beautiful and inspired 2009 through the pages of Color Outside the Lines!


  1. Hi Sweetie, Being male and being younger will give you an advantage to losing that extra 40 pounds. I need to lose as much but I don't think I'll aim that high. lol
    Best of luck to you. If I can lose 20-30, I'll be ecstatic. I still have some of that "special" tea. lol
    Hugs, B.

  2. The Artie you ate... LOLOLOL!!! You crack me up! You don't look like you have gained any 40 lbs, and you look great! But I know what you mean when you get something in your head. I'll go in with you to lose a few lbs. and to get back to running and generally taking better care of myself. All the chaos of the move has knocked me for a loop! Time to get back on track!

    I still think you look fabulous, and I'm going to help you stay on track -- and without 'mute' on your new phone, you have to listen. Bwhahahahaha!
    xo Isa

  3. You are just the funniest thing.. loved the pictures...Happy New year to you Artie.. hope to visit more in 2009..hugs ~lynne~

  4. What a cutie patooty you are, sir...in every incarnation, b&W...color...40+, 40-.

    But, I have no doubt you will do what you want perfectly!!

    I am going to start using the club I pay for monthly and only go to, oh, like every other month! To 2009!!

  5. Oh you look great! You should be me ug! But I am trying, is hard. Mine was gained by medicines that I should not have been on, inactivity when my illnesses were at their worst and thyroid illness. So is hard to get off. I am at least trying to be more fit, am doing low impact for the first time in like 10 years( was to ill to do it before) and I lost 4-5 pounds before holidays. Now the sweets, although have not been alot, still is there.
    So back at it starting the 1st, no excuses!
    So here is to loosing something in 2009, lol, as long as it is not our sanity, or sense of humor etc.
    Happy New Year!
    Got any plans there in NY?

  6. Artie, You still look great. But, believe me get it under control now. it's harder the older you get. I never... thought I'd gain wait. The surprise was on me. Now, it's really hard to get it off. But, I will be starting to try to get it off beginning 010109.
    "Happy New Year" Terrie

  7. OOPs!! I am tired. I just got off work. I meant "Gain weight". I had a duh!! Moment. I told Nikki I would!

  8. You were gorgeous then...you're gorgeous now. Men always age so gracefully and just get more handsome! But good luck in your quest!

  9. Artie, all you have to do is start moving and laying all those bricks!

    G in CT

  10. Artie, you are still as handsome as ever!!! I do wish you luck though. I too want to lose around 15 in the coming year. I hate dieting more than anything! So help me stay on track too. vickydarnell

  11. Hey Artie - You're a handsome man no matter what size you are, start getting migraines, get some Topomax - that's what did it for me - I lost 30 lbs. this year. OK, kidding about the migraines, wouldn't wish those on my worst enemy, but I did lose 30 lbs. - Yeah me. Sorry, don't mean to brag - well maybe a little!! LOL!!
    Glad we met - can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for us -
    Happy New Year ~

  12. Oh, those dreaded extra pounds. They are sneaky little devils. They don't even announce when they are going to show up! They just seem to all come at once. I know I've told them they aren't welcomed, but lo and behold they still come a knocken. I think shedding those extra pounds are on everyones New Year list. You look great. Have a great New Year.

  13. I guess we all have pictures we wish we still looked like .Years add not only pounds but knolog , memories,hopes,dreams, and yes some wrinkles thrown in for good measure. The things that have made us who we are today is not in that picture of long ago. Happy New Year! Kathy

  14. I think you look great either way. But if you don't feel comfortable then do what you think is best.

    Happy New Year.

  15. Artie, you are a very handsome young man.

    I'm on a quest to lose in '09, also. I think you will do wonderfully well with your goal. I, on the other hand, will have my usual struggle!

    I loved seeing your photos, past and present.

  16. Hi Artie...not to deter you from your resolution, but I think the earlier pictures of you show you as a youth and your current pictures show you as a man...I think you look even better now! But hugs to you in whatever you want to achieve. Happy New Year!
    ;-) Bo

  17. Oh Artie your still a sweetie pie..we love you just as you are..may you have a safe and blessed year to come..hugs and smiles Gloria

  18. I've gotta be honest, Artie. I think you're hotter now with a little weight than you were back then! Of course, you didn't show us your belly, but your face is looking mighty fine in my opinion!

    Happy new year, my friend!

    Justine :o )

  19. Artie, I was thinking about your resolution. I just wanted to tell you in the early pictures your still looked like a boy. In the recent pictures you look like a very handsome man! I hope you know that. It's ok to age. Men do it so gracefully.
    Happy New Year!! Terrie

  20. Dear Artie! You are a cutie no matter what ... and incredibly brave to share your resolution for 2009. Let me say to you - right now at this very second - that I also have 40 pounds that MUST come off this year. I have been very lax in sticking to a sensible healthy weight loss program. Maybe somewhere along the way we can inspire each other. Viva la weight loss!

  21. You are adorable just the way you are!

  22. I hope the best for you in this. I did the same thing for a while and posted my weight loss each week but after a while I got off track, I wished I'd had someone to join me but there were no takers. I will be following you, I do believe you can do it! Deb

  23. Lookin' good Artie! We all need to just be healthy!

  24. Hi, Artie! Happy New year to you and you sure are a cutie, in both pics. I understand about losing weight, not only for looking good, but feeling good as well. I'd love to lose about 5-8 lbs. that I've picked up in the last couple of years. Alas, our bodies change with age & I'm afraid it happens to all of us! And I exercise ALL the time. You do have youth on your side though.

    Looking forward to a fun 2009 & sharing more projects!

  25. Linda/ "Mom..."December 31, 2008 at 5:27 PM

    Oh Artie, the "Great "WEIGHT" connection" ... yep, that baby brings us all to our knees, but I must admit~~~ now plz DON'T get upset~~~ but it I-S easier for men to lose than women. You KNOW "that's what they say" & it APPEARS to be oh-so-true! (IE: DH sez "think I'll take off 5 lbs".~~~ "Done!", (in 3 days no less!)~~~~~~~ Now ME/us WOMEN??? We'll say "I MUST lose this extra weight!"...and 6 months later it's "Hey, I LOST 1.5 lbs!!!")~~~AARGH! Either way, you are talented, cute n' fun, and life really IS just too short to worry TOOOO much about a lil extra # here or there, kiddo!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE! Warm blesings, Linda

  26. Linda/ "Mom..."December 31, 2008 at 5:32 PM

    (P.S... OK, 'tween you n' me, I'll break down and admit it~~~ I just lost 24# (in about 2 to 2 1/2 months & have never felt BETTER, & ALL back problems are GONE!!! I just cut out toxins in my diet, only snack on fruits n' veggies, eat alot of fish, drink lots of water/Pellegrino and two Isagenix shakes a day (which are all natural and FULL of ALL the daily requirements... IT'S MAGIC & I feel sooooooooo terriffic it's UNREAL!!!)~~~

  27. Linda/ "Mom..."December 31, 2008 at 5:35 PM

    (OOPS!!! Comments on YOUR site get printed right away, I see! Well, guess THAT's no longer a secret!!! Smiles anyway!!!)~~~

  28. Posts like this one are dangerous! Now we have to keep you accountable, LOL! You look great either way. Just get to the weight where you feel healthy!!

  29. You have so inspired me to do what is long overdue and that is take a good hard look - bravo to you. Good luck and please keep us posted with the results. Happy New Year, xv.

  30. I want to publicly thank MOM for sharing her weight loss secrets with us .. way to go Mom! I am now using two bloggers for inspiration. You and Artie!

  31. Love those photos of yourself! I also enjoyed looking at the "Inspirational Christmas tree photos," and like you, love that tree...dining room! I enjoy visiting your blog and look forward to many more visits in 2009!

  32. Artie,

    I don't have any secret ways to lose weight, but I've noticed that every other commercial on tv today, is for a weight loss plan. I TURNED OFF THE TV... LOL I didn't need anyone telling me what I had to do for the new year, the mirror reminds me every day. :(
    All I have to say is GOOD LUCK.



  33. You surprised me with this post.
    I thought at first, you were just sharing your modeling Portfolio over the years. Then or now you still have the look to grace any cover of GQ !!
    Exercise is good for any~BODY. The first three letters in the word DIEit always leaves me dreading the act. LOL!

    Sweet New Year Wishes,

  34. Hey Artie, you won on Pink Pig!!! I loved your tree, too, so glad you won:


    Good luck on your quest to lose weight! I am hoping to get a treadmill sometime this year to get me moving!!!

    Happy New Year, ArtieBen!!! ;)


  35. i read your post...i viewed your pics...i reread your post and reviewed your images.
    Artie~we always see in ourselves the broader, the deeper, the lines..."the oooos and the ickies" as my nanny used to call them. but i have to say, that i see the same kindness and gentleness of spirit, there in your eyes... :)
    and i see a gentleman most handsome. but, as i have no propensity for showing my own photos lol, i completely support you in your resolution to find the Artie you ate :)
    if Muse support be requested or required...you have it!

  36. Oh, Artie, are you kiddin' me?
    Dang...you are a very handsome dude!! I can't EVEN believe you are wanting to look BETTER !!
    I do understand, tho, that if you feel you need to lose a little, go for it. I need to lose about 20 lbs..when I turned 65, stopped taking harmone pills and quit smoking, all at the same time, I gained 20 lbs before I could turn around twice!
    Good luck, sweetie...

  37. Artie I just wanted to tell you that you are one fine looking man either way... :)
    Kudos to your resolution!