Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tag Sales and Flea Markets

I've always loved a good garage sale or flea market. I remember very early on, around age 6 or 7, bargaining with a neighbor who was selling her much older children's stuffed animals for $1/each. She made a very particular face at me when I asked her, that shocked but humored face that I love so much!

Over the years, I've found a great many treasures at flea markets and garages sales, some for free. Our living room coffee table most recently, to a collection of sterling silver chargers and platter trays more than 7 years ago.

Today, while shopping for Christmas Ornaments, I happened upon a book sale. In the room of mostly fiction novels and "tween" comedies, was a Martha Stewart book called, "Good Things From Tag Sales and Flea Markets".

Because I know that many of you are fans of said tag sales and flea markets, I would love to hear your stories, and pictures of flea market and tag sale finds you adore. It may be a chair you reupholstered yourself, or a piece of transfer ware that finished out (or started) your set. I want to know all about it, and in turn, the person with the best tag sale story, will win a copy of the Martha Stewart book!

You'll love it! 143+ pages of ideas and creative projects for all of those garage sale finds. So, send your photos and stories to me via e-mail by Thursday and we'll have fun watching the stories of many great tag sale finds!