Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Eve means Resolutions

I was "cleaning" the basement in an effort to get a head start on 2009 resolutions when I came across a CD of old head shots from about 5 years ago. The above was taken at a beautiful park in my hometown in Texas. The photographer was a new talent, and was taking pictures of me and my very good friend, Megan, as part of a wall of photographs he'd hang in his new studio.

Many of the pictures were set to black and white in the camera before he started shooting, but there were a few of Megan and me together that were taken in color.

Now, I realize, as we grow older, we grow wider - but for the past 5-years, a relationship and a bevvy of jobs that require me to sit at a chair all day have taken a toll on the Artie that I used to know.

I took this picture of myself tonight. A black and white image so you can compare naturally to the image of the Artie I ate above. What a change? Sure the facial hair makes me look older, but that's not the only difference.

Here, the same picture in color:

Isn't it lovely the way black and white takes some of the weight off? Anyway - I'm sure you've figured out where I'm going with this. Yes, my resolution is to lose the unnecessary 40 pounds I've added to my earlier physique. I wouldn't normally share such images with you all here, but I felt like putting it on this forum would keep me motivated and obligated.

Thank you to all of you for such a wonderful 2008, here's to a beautiful and inspired 2009 through the pages of Color Outside the Lines!