Monday, January 19, 2009

Playful Inspiration

Most of us aren't lucky enough to live in a barn, nor do we have the benefits of rough hewn beams, supports, joists, and ceilings. We don't get to look out of 16' windows on a forest of trees beyond a wall of stacked wood for those winter fires, nor have we ever thought of hanging a hammock in the middle of the room!

The function of furniture in this photo, along with many of the other aspects of the design are really not ones that you can literally translate into the basements and living rooms in many of our homes - but it does read one thing that I challenge you to do today: PLAY!


  1. just once again wanted to comment on your style. thanks again for the most informative read. I read your article in Beth's newsletter. Congrats to you.

    The Pink Pig!

  2. And play I shall ... as I sit here dancing to your music. It's really the only blog music I listen to.

  3. With wood going for over $200 a cord, I can't even imagine the cost of the stockpile in the background!
    Like your new heading very much!
    G in CT

  4. I like the new banner.

    And, remember, in your dream house thread I said I dream of my barn more than my house... I cannot wait to spend my retirement in the barn caring for my animals. In addition to livestock, I plan to rescue bully breed dogs. :)

    But at 32, I have a ways to go until retirement. I shall have plenty of time dreaming! :)

  5. This pic reminds me of my friend Sandy's family barn. They live in a small town in Central Minnesota. Sandy is the youngest sister in a family of eleven kids. The oldest brother has a hobby farm (like Gollums's - my dream) and it is used solely for family holidays and get togethers. It has a kitchen with a granite countertop (cold spring granite cast-offs) and large farmhouse tables and mismatched wooden chairs. That sounds like a future post to me.....Robyn

  6. Love that hammock swing. Oh how I pine for a barn to create in!
    Ness xx

  7. All those raw beams made me think of my dream home. Yep, a big log home. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Imagine how good it would smell?
    And btw... I think you change your blog/header more than I do!

    Justine :o )

  8. I would love a hammock/swing like that!!

  9. swiss family robinson...i want one!

  10. This is so cool! My brother had a swing in the den.Kathy

  11. The barn is so wonderful - and the hammock is just the way to relax!

    I love the new banner!

    xo Isa

  12. Artie, what a great place this would be to hang out on a wonderful spring day. Spring is coming soon isn't it? Thanks so much for swinging by.. I appreciate the visit and the info.. I've gone to the site and drooled and drooled. Have a super day my friend.hugs ~lynne~

  13. What a swingin' idea! If I had the space I'd have this in my house.
    I love the way you color outside the lines.
    Enjoy this incredible day!
    xo xo

  14. Great post. How amazing would it be to have a connecting barn to my house! I would love it.

    Just found your blog. So happy that I did. I'm semi-new to the blog world so it's great to find another favorite daily read!

    I'm totally jealous of all of your fab finds from Linens and Things (in your other posts) closing sale. I'm quite the thrifty lady and I'm completely in awe.

  15. Ok..Challenge on!

    I think I'll start with "playing" with the laundry. Oy!

  16. Steve has wanted to live in a barn since I met him (22 years ago!),
    I'm going to show him this image.
    If he designs a barn like this I'd definitely move in!