Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Quick Peek

For those of you who have never been, New York City is broken up into several different districts, or areas. In the middle of Soho, outside of Tribeca, just outside of China Town, stands a beautiful 2-story building. Inside, is Aero, the design showroom of Thomas O'Brien.

I was amazed to find a home decor store in the middle of Soho. I've known Soho for it's great shoe shopping, but never for decor ... that, I thought, was reserved to the upper East side. No matter, I asked my group if I could stop in for a quick peek. To my surprise, they were having a 75% off sale!
The whole store is filled with great furniture, nearing the edge of modern, but keeping that traditional edge so that it fits in almost any space. Beautiful vignettes of lamps and serving pieces, tabletop and art fill several cubes on the walls.
Thomas O'Brien has always been a favorite of mine.

His knack for layering, and eagerness to incorporate as many styles as possible to build truly unique and contemporary interiors is uncanny, and I think, brilliant.

His spaces are livable, they're reachable. Looking at this picture, there are few who would say, I could never do that! His rooms are built around things that are loved (at least presumably), and they have a low lying sophistication that make them pleasing to the eye - but still like home.


  1. Hi Artie,

    I miss those buying trips I once did in N.Y., glad you enjoyed yourself. We sold drapes at Boscov's made at an Aero Workshop, could it be the same business ?


  2. These photos/showroom are amazing! Elegantly simple, yet complex at the same time. I hope the fact there aren't many design shops in this area - and his 75% off sale - doesn't mean he is in danger of losing his business!!!

  3. Re 'Helen's' comment....DITTO.

    Due to its location did you find the original price tag reasonable?

  4. I've always liked the above picture of his living room with the extremely tall windows and filled with neutral colors. Perfect.

    G in CT

  5. the bedroom with all the framed items on the wall is my kind of room.
    very cool.