Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tablescape Thursday & the NEW Living Room

Well, since tablescape Tuesdays has moved to Thursdays, I thought I would share the mid-week dinner party we had Tuesday night.

There has to be a good 2-feet of snow on the ground here in Western New York, so you can imagine how I've longed for grass and sunshine, let alone flowers and lounging under tree branches smothered with leaves. So, I decorated the table simply, linen napkins in a cream and sage alternated on white plates and gold chargers. Because there were 10 at the table, I mixed the silverware to avoid confusion: "NO! That's my salad fork!"

Aren't these hyacinth delightful? Monday night I drove from store to store looking for fresh cut flowers for the table. At the third stop, I was greeted by these lovelies, wrapped in a purple foil. I had to fix that! So, these old copper pales, patinaed nicely with the verdigris made for the perfect spring containers. Straw raffia and reindeer moss, along with river rocks gave everyone a dose of spring that lasted well into the wee hours of the evening.

For a little ambient light, I put 6 candles on the table in the votives I got for free when I found the cart turned living room coffee table. That night the table served as an appetizer service, with drunken goat cheese, 5-year aged wasabi rind cheddar, and herb-spread (my favorite!) Granny-smith apples and ripe red grapes added color.

Scott made a delicious meal: Roasted Pork Tenderloin, glazed in a herb sauce, then served with bacon and brussel sprouts and topped with a cinnamon apple compote. It was simply decadent with the sweet onion pudding (a table-wide hit!) and his signature garlic/buttermilk mashed potatoes. We had a vegetarian with us that night, and in his usual fashion, Scott wouldn't let her feel out of place. Enter the kale and butternut squash lasagna. ABSOLUTELY.DELICIOUS! Asparagus and sourdough bread bites were a nice addition.

Once dinner was over, we moved to desert! Our friend, and fantastic baker, Katie brought a delicious key-lime pie I was determined not to share, and brownies. Follow that with Scott's (purchased) German Chocolate Cake and Coconut Cream Pie ... no one left hungry!
And now, the living room I promised pictures of. What do you think?

I needed a change from Christmas. There was no way I was going back to the wash of burnt orange and sage, taupe and brown. Not that it isn't lovely - but I needed something new, something different! I made the pillows in the chairs from linen, like that of old grain sacks, and a striped silk.

I finally broke down and bought a sisal/seagrass rug with a beautiful basket weave pattern. I couldn't live without the color of one of our kilims though, so I layered. The whole room is a lesson in layering. The fireplace, with the new Picasso prints, is a layer of texture, metal, wood and wax.

The cart, probably my most favorite part of the room stayed. The basket that has found it's home there also kept roots, while the secondary throw pillows of the sofa and old rug made their exit to the guest room closet.

I'm not quite finished, there are other additions I'd like to make - but like most of my interiors - I try not to force it. So, it will complete itself in due time, and of course - there will be a myriad of pictures along the way. Happy Thursday!


  1. Beautiful tablescape and living room!

    I love the TABLE... gorgeous wood!


  2. So lovely!

    Wow! What a dinner!

    Thanks for stopping by Hospitality Lane. Hope you'll come back again.

    We finally got some snow...instead of ice. It is probably enough. The kids love to sled and snowboard.

    Becky K.

  3. Can you hear my applause? Great on all counts. Dinner sounds divine and the table is just great. Oh, I wish I could breath in the fragrance of the hyacinths!
    Love the changes to the living room too. I recently had some parson's chairs upholstered in grain sacks. They really turned out great. I love the evolution of a room. They're so much more interesting than something that's contrived.

  4. Everything is beautiful...those votives look great with the hyacinths....beautiful!

  5. Wow, what a meal!!! And the table looks fantastic! thanks for coming by my blog! and I do love the layering of a room that happens over time....takes a few days for things to finally get to that "aaaahhhhh..." moment, doesn't it?

    take care.

  6. Beautiful ablescape beautiful living room win win situation here;) French

  7. Now this is my kinda' tablescape....loved chattn'

  8. Oh, Dear Artieness! What a lovely table! The flowers and little spots of votives look so beautiful on your lovely set table. Now your living room looks so nice and warm and inviting! Is that the same sofa? Love the basket on the coffee table. Oh, to be a guest at your table. My mouth is watering after hearing the menu!! lol
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I love...


    The dinner setting is delightful
    The throw and pillows are fabulous


  10. Artie, your tablescape is lovely. The flowers in the buckets are the crowing touch. Your living room is so warm and inviting.. a perfect spot to curl up and visit after that delicious meal. hugs ~lynne~

  11. Everything looks incredible!! And yes, the flowers are delightful. One of the first things I noticed.

    so glad to have helped you out with the Neiman Markus recipe. I LOVE's my absolute favorite choc. chip cookie one.

  12. I think you must just throw the BEST parties! It always makes me wish I lived nearby, so I could crash them. Your table looks so pretty, and so does your living room. laurie

  13. Oh Artie, I love all of this -- it's so fresh and ready for Spring. The prints are favorites of mine, and everything on your mantle is wonderful. The pillows came out perfectly and are gorgeous, and the rugs are so full of texture and I love that you layered them. Love it all!
    Your dinner table is, as always, perfection. My compliments to the chef,too, for a fab menu. I love what you did with the flowers - love it all.
    xo Isa

  14. Hi Artie! Your tablescape and living room are both very nice. Good job and the menu sounds so yummy!...Christine

  15. Artie, wonderful table, love the flowers in the middle and wow the food sounds so good!
    Your living room coming along nicely, I like the mantel. Good job!
    Stay safe and warm in all that snow!
    I would like to visit New York areas someday, alot of my ancestry from there. Have Van Tassel ancestors( like in the Sleepy Hollow story), also related to J.J. Gould, so would like to see his estate one day etc.

  16. I love your tablescape and the flowers are just perfect! Now, I must say that I think you should place my name on your dinner party list...I do arrive with the sweetest host gift ever!! I really enjoyed this post:-)

  17. You two are the best!
    What a beautiful table you created to go with Scott's wonderful meal. BTW, your home is looking amazing.
    Ness xx

  18. Hi Artie,

    I guess my dinner invitation got lost in the mail again. ;) The food sounds fantastic, and the table setting is what we all need to sit down to this time of year. As for your new look in the living room, it cries out "Spring is on it's way", a great fresh look.


  19. Loved the tour. Warm, welcoming table, always candles.
    Enjoy TT, Candy

  20. That meal sounded amazing. And I think your living room looks wonderful. Your home is beautiful, the picture of the flowers in the sidebar is really making me want spring. We don't have quite as much snow on the ground here in PA but today is bitter cold.

    Thanks for coming over to visit me, I'm going to add you to my blog list.

  21. What a beautiful and welcoming table and room! You are obviously a talented and gracious host!

  22. 5 stars on everything! I like the lighter touch and the table makes one long for spring. Scott does a great job too, the menu was wonderful. Loved it.

  23. Artie, it's all just perfect. First of all your flowers in the little pails with reindeer moss - I love them! The food sounds amazing. :)

    Your living room is perfect too. Looks cozy and I love all the layers. Love the way you layered the rugs and the mantel. Your pillows are perfect. I love big puffy pillows.

  24. Beautiful tablescape and mantle and the menu was outstanding. Great changes while waiting for winter to end.

  25. OMG, between you table setting and Scott's gourmet cooking, I'd never want to leave the dining room!

    The living room look so beautiful. Nice and soothing and comfy. Love the new rug and how you layered.

    Justine :o )

  26. Thanks for coming over to my blog! I loved meeting you.

    I LOVE YOUR HOUSE. Your living room is spectacular. Something out of Frank Lloyd Wright or something...

    The table is lovely. I love hyacinths, my favorite spring flower. The smell must have been lovely.

  27. Nice the lighter look. Great coffee table/cart!

    That onion dish sounds luscious!!

  28. It's all absolutely beautiful..and the menu sounds divine! What lucky guests you have :-)

  29. Your home is beautiful. I absolutely adore you coffee table. You did an awesome job for your dinner party. Thank you so much for coming by and I will be back. I promise when I can get up with Layla I will take pictures. Regarding the prom, thank you... I hope she will go, what I want and what she does sometimes are two different things, LOL.



  30. Wow. The table is stunning and your living room is gorgeous!

  31. Beautiful tablescape and gorgeous living room. Both are so well put together and with such classic design. Thanks for stopping by my yard, I really appreciate the visit. Marty

  32. Very nice with the spring flowers to get us ready for spring. Everything looks great.

  33. You guys sure know how to throw a party! I don't know how you survive in that snow. I wouldn't even venture out! :O) But those flowers you went out for are beautiful. Your table is simple elegance, and I like that. My favorite thing in your "new" room is the brown shutter (or bi-fold door - can't tell which). Nice job making the pillows. They're about the only thing I know how to sew! :O) Have a good weekend!

  34. Your table is beautiful and the meal sounds delish!!

    I love what you've done with the living room!!

    Did you receive my e-mail about Nell Hill's? I think you need to take a trip to the midwest.

  35. Artie, What an inviting setting! Everything about the table, the centerpiece(Love what you did with the Hya;s)...the transformed living space.. It all is fab! ~CC Catherine ;)

  36. Artie, I'd feel like a queen to be a guest at one of your lovely dinners.
    You've done a fantastic job with the living room. I'm getting the feeling that it is now reflecting a bit more of Artie instead of all Scoot, no?
    You look like you are all ready for spring (at least indoors!) so now you can enjoy some time working in the garden when things thaw!

  37. Thanks for stopping my my blog. I love your living room. The paint color is beautiful. Come back to "see" me again soon. I will definitely stop back by your "place."

  38. Oh ! It is all so so beutiful, Artie..every single thing is just beautiful...from you to*die*for table setting, the menu, the living room. Oh, my! I have an upcoming post pre-scheduled that has to do with SUBSTANCE of a room...I am always striving for a room with that is firmly anchored...weaves a web of safety, comfort, beauty, weight, etc...I have never really found it....but YOU HAVE. THIS room has substance! and I love it.....
    xo bj

  39. Dear Artie .. I don't even know where to begin! The beautiful muted color of your living room plays beautifully with the new mantlescape! Just gorgeous. Menu is ********* and worthy of the finest of chefs. I love the new rug and especially how you layered. The dining room table set for dinner with the mismatched flatware, the (I know!) sweet scented flowers, the buckets, candles ..... (and this old lady has lost a total of 6.5 pounds to date.) Good for YOU!

  40. Thanks for stoping by me is really cold over here today...but seeing your fresh table scape warmed me up a lovely!!!!
    And I love the colors in your new living room!!!Very relaxing.
    Im not partial to the gold frames on the Picassos...I think i would have done a white wood frame instead..but thats my personal taste.
    All in All Great job!!!

  41. Oh your table is such simple elegance. I really like it. The view into the other room is wonderful too. Love the flowers and the candles and the way you photographed the table. Enjoy...

  42. Ohhh! I love the tablescape! I really like the idea of mixing the napkins and the flatware! Keeps things interesting! The centerpiece is a breath of Spring and the menu sounds yummy!! You got me at the cheese! lol My favorites! Thanks for sounds as though everyone enjoyed both the lovely dinner and the new living room re-do!! Gorgeous...Debbie

  43. Everything looks perfect Artie!! My daughter's fav flower is the hyacinth and they look are just right for your tablescape!!

    Love your new pillows - unfortunately, I can't sew a stitch!!

  44. LOVELY dining room... very inviting!
    ENJOY your day!

  45. Amazing! You are so spoiled!! I need to send you a photo of my fireplace, (it's in the corner, looks like triangle of all things) I haven't a clue what to do with it. It was already here before me. Let me know if that's a possibility.

  46. hey. the post directly under the update shows how to plant a geranium. stay tuned for how to's on some different things that I am planting. Some are very neat!
    thanks for the visit and have a great weekend!
    by the way...your table looks are a better tablescaper than me that's for sure!

  47. Hi Artie,
    Where's my comment I left you last night?
    Dern blogger....:)

    This is absolute perfection!
    Classy and so elegant.
    Love the table center with the flowers in a row.
    Very creative and simple yet makes a statement.

    Thanks for visiting my Roo table. I always appreciate your kindness.

    ~Melissa :)

  48. Hi Arti, I love your Spring tablesetting and the menu, is to die for. Relaxing in your new living room would be just perfect.

  49. Love the table and flowers. Hubby brought me a small pot of them .They smell so good. Love what you did to the room,looks wonderful! Kathy

  50. The centerpiece is wonderful, and so unexpected! I just love it! I know it smell great! Just all is lovely!

  51. what a change! it's so fresh - I LOVE IT!!! It looks like a completely new space - do you love it?

  52. Lovely!

    Those hyacinths made a perfect centerpiece once they were freed from the florists foil.

  53. Brillant table -- and a gorgeous menu -- what a treat for your lucky lucky guests! And the living room looks so fresh -- just waiting for a spring day! LOVE the mantelscape -- excellent mix of textures, colors and shapes!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  54. Hi Artie...goodness gracious, I wish I could be invited to one of your fabulous dinner parties...the table always looks perfectly set & appointed, but oh...the menu...
    wow! It sounds gourmet, yet do-able
    and delicious! ;-) Bo

  55. What comes to mind is rustic elegance. Great job!

  56. I'm loving your blog! Your table scape looks amazing, and your mantle and living rooms are stunning! I cant wait to start from the beginning of your blog and read through.

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!

  57. Your meal sounds wonderful! Love the table & your living room!

  58. Tablescape: "decorated simply".....AND BEAUTIFUL!

    Love your new touches to the LR.

  59. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...I'm so glad you did 'cuz now I have found yours!

    OhMyGosh your dining room table is wonderful, pure and simple elegance! Your dinner sounded mouthwatering from appetizer to dessert! The aroma in your kitchen must have been over the top! Pure decadence! You had me at the cheese and fruit served in your cozy living room on the old cart. I do love that cart...would love to find one just like it for my cottage.

    By the way, next time you're in Texas...come by and teach me to sew and I'll whip you up some CFS with all the southern style trimmins!

    Love your blog...will stop in frequently!

    hugs ~ donna

  60. Wow Artie, you have the best parties! Can you ask Scott to share recipes?

    Your tablescape is beautiful. The hyacinths were the perfect touch. Love your new mantle & the airier feel in the living room. ♥ Diane

  61. I like your use of "threes"...three votives, three pots of Hyacinth, three votives...marching down your table.

  62. i love your room! it makes me want to sit down, have a glass of wine, and enjoy company.

    i'm so jealous of your fabulous tablescape. this is one area I am just terrible in.

    and the meal sounds divine!

  63. Your tablescape is just beautiful! I also love the detail in your home, the windows, the doors, and the floors. It's all so beautiful!!!


  64. Your table is lovely. I may be borrowing ideas from you for my dinner party this week. And your livingroom is beautiful! Love your style!
    Elaine :)

  65. The dinner sounds fantastic. I love what you did in the living room, in particular I really like the fireplace. And the pillows you made are great. Love the layered rugs, great texture. Thanks for stopping by, yes our Sax is quite the little character. Come visit anytime! Kathy

  66. your table...the hyacinth are beautiful...make me long for spring even more! I like the idea of mixing the flatware...and the color scheme sounded really pretty. Also, love how you lined the candles down the center with the you guest ooohed and aaahed! I love the change in your family room...feels so fresh! I especially love the layering of the rugs...that must feel great underfoot, too! I can tell you like to incorporate a lot of natural the sisal/seagrass rug, linen pillows and that fab lamp you made a while back. I like how you are always changing and tweaking...can't wait to see the other things you have planned! Susan

  67. Love, Love your layering! I love your house, it's got that charming. cozy feel That cart is amazing, your pillows, i could go on and on! Love it


    are you excited about NY Housewife's?

  68. Your home and table look beautiful.
    Love the hyacinths. They make it a little easier to wait for Spring.
    I really like the color on your walls. Would you mind sharing what paint color it is?
    Happy Weekend.


  69. I can almost smell the hyacinths! Going to head out to the nursery today and see if they have any!! Love your tablescape!! and your living room looks fab!

    Happy Weekend!

  70. Your tablescape is ~simply~ elegant. Love the lighting and your table finish is gorgeous. Great idea with the alternating napkins colours too. Would have loved to enjoy that meal. Sounds very delicious and elegant compared to our usual fare with picky kids.

  71. As always your tablescape looks beautiful! (I would expect nothing less *winks*) And your new livingroom looks absolutely mahvelous darling! The room whisperer strikes again! Vanna

  72. Gorgeous! I adore that you made the pillows yourself!

  73. I just wanted to say hi, and thanks for some inspiration.
    I did an image search for mantlescape and yours stood out for the clean layers. (so many are overdone or too minimalist altar for my home.)
    Also happily surprised to find that you are in WNY!
    Thanks neighbor,
    Laurie in Lockport