Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Artie = No Hard Work

When you look through name meanings online, Artie will inevitably take you back to the word Arthur. Now, my parents named me Artie, after my paternal grandfather, who actually (once tracked back through genealogy) was named Artemus. When you search Artemus, it brings up: "OF THE MOON" from the Greek origin of the name.

Now when I think, of the moon, I think ethereal, reliably rising, casting light on shadows, and having many varieties of self, i.e., full, crescent, etc.. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing about the name Artie (Artemus) says HARD WORK! So why do I feel like a member of the chain gang hauling mounds of dirt to be able to enjoy a patio near my moon lit garden? Perhaps because Artie doesn't mean "OF THE MONEY".

I took advantage of the nice day we had yesterday, the first of a many to come, and did a little backyard work while my brother slept in. I raked the yard and collected the garb, and though exhausting, the ability to enjoy the weather was invigorating enough to make me venture out the the patio area and begin some "test" digging.

Now, I'm a stickler for doing a job right the first time, so I planned on doing the best job possible with this patio endeavor. As I raked the area, then started to dig down, I realized ... this is not going to be as easy as I had hoped.

The area already is home to a mound of dirt that we moved when we started working on the 200 sq. feet of garden space around the yard last year, and with the excavation of 8" needed in the 200+ sq. ft. area of the patio ... I'll have even more dirt, and even less place to put it. I looked around the yard wondering where I could stash such a huge bounty of useless fill, and to date, I'm still searching.

Why oh why won't someone send Jason Cameron to my house to take over this project!? (And please let it be Jason Cameron!) ;)

Of course, it will still get done, along with the bathroom, and hopefully the pergola. Oh this summer will be a fun one indeed.


  1. Helen = light. Your post prompted me to check that out. Regarding your summer's work I also wish you the pleasure of Jason Cameron's presence!!!!

  2. Put a sign in your yard saying "free fill dirt", that's what we do here in the country and it works for us. Good luck. Or - you could make a raised bed in your new garden and put it in there.

  3. Can't you rent a ride-on something to dig that dirt up for you? If not, you're going to wind up blowing out your back!

    Ooh, flowers is onto something. Make a raised veggie garden!

    Justine :o )

  4. Yep, I like the raised plant bed idea too! Or a berm with grasses & trees on it, do you have the space for one. ☺ Diane

  5. Justine just reminded me that when we started our "little" pond project my husband went and rented a bobcat. He had a blast and we ended up with one huge pond!! Hang in there!

  6. Hi Artie - I just found your blog and love it!!!!! I plan to start at your first post and work my way through. - Sheila from west Michigan

  7. I remember a neighbor rented a ride on thingy when he made a patio and he had it dug in no time...
    Good good luck with all your is the bath coming?
    xo bj

  8. And Robyn=bright fame! Justine is right you should rent a Bobcat - you will "blow your back out". I was thinking "raised beds" while I was reading along, too. If you're doing bricks or pavers you should also rent a "tamper" too. To compact all of the layers of crud that you need to put underneath them. We did a pavers or brick patio in our backyard in Central Minnesota and the soil was mostly clay and we did a layer of gravel, then sand, etc. It's been awhile....Then in the 1980's we built a house in Montana and put in flagstone steps and a patio and retaining wall - I don't recall how many ton but that requires a sand base, etc. too. Make sure you go deep enough to accommodate all of that....Robyn

  9. You are creating a beautiful home, Artie.
    I don't know how you do it!
    The bathroom, the patio and the pergola?

    BTW: Love the house you sent Joni. Okay tell me who did the staging. I promise I won't tell! LOL


  10. Artie, all this hardwork is going to pay off, big!! I can hardly wait to see your wonderful projects, complete. I know you can't wait to see them
    complete, too!!:-)

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