Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Canine Transformations: Part 2

When last we left you humans out there in blogland, we had shown you our new yuppy puppy look we added to the living room. If you missed it, check it out here! Oh, and in case you're new this week, go here to find out who we are! We also gave you a taste of our new and improved sunroom arrangement. Well, put down whatever you're doing ... this is one of our best transformations yet!

In order to get a good idea of how much this room has changed, you'll have to understand what it looked like before. Here's just one of the many pictures our Dad showed you on the linked post:
Forgive the image folks, this was before Dad got his nifty new camera! Anyway - you see here that the ottoman we now have in the living room, and two of the leather chairs, along with some mixed accessories and curtains just perfect for fall gave the room a real weighty feel. We wanted to lighten it up a bit, and since Dad was letting us have our way ...

We really took advantage, but in a totally great way, don't you think? We had Dad buy some new curtains, in a beautiful cream sail cloth ... perfect match to those pillows and throw he worked so hard on. Then we covered the side table with a burlap tablecloth and moved in Dad's favorite seagrass wingback chair.

Before, the room felt a little bare in the corner with just an old beer box for magazine storage. Dad was such a great designer - he just needed a little bite on the butt to get going. Once we convinced him ...

We think it made the perfect accent to the new and fresh spring room. We left the ladder cause Dad got that for free from a friend, along with the cart table and a French Tolix stool. The little lady that was made into a lamp ... no fear, no harm was done ... has a great burlap shade too. Mixing and matching textures - very yuppy puppy, don't you think?

Here's another view of the chair. Apparently it was pretty expensive - so Dad kept it upstairs out of our reach. Oh and, check out our head on the floor! Come back on Friday when we talk to Mister from Gollum's and he shares his story about the head in his living room!
Our Dad's love to travel, and so do we. So we thought the perfect accessory was this old Atlas from a set of 1964 World Book Encyclopedias. We love the way the colors of the book tie the oranges and blues from the striped pillows in, and of course our orange tulips.

So as we dim the lights and back our way out of this space, D and I are calling this job done, for now. We'd ultimately like to see Dad get that lamp he's been talking about for the space and move this one back up to the bedroom - oh, and of course - we'd like to have free roam! We PROMISE we won't hurt the chair! PROMISE!
Remember to check out our Tablescape Thursday post. Dad's are having a seder tomorrow. It's our first, and we're very excited! See you then!