Friday, April 17, 2009

Fido Friday : The Winner

Well, it's here! The day we've all been waiting for, the big barkin' give away! And who do you think won? Well - we tossed up the names after printing them out ... and it was none other than:

owner of Justine
Congratulations to Strudel, (D's new crush by the way - but we promise that didn't affect the outcome of this prize ... Strudel won fair and square!) Give us a bark Strudel, and we'll make sure to get you in touch with the fine humans at Bling Bling Poochies. And if you signed up but didn't win, don't worry! They just marked down their prices, and you can get 15% off even SALE prices on ANYTHING, that's right, ANYTHING! by using promotion code BLOG at checkout. So go check it out ... hee hee, I crack myself up!
In other news, we don't have an interview scheduled this week, as Abby has been away filming her new television series: Designing for the Pooches, and I've been over scoping out puppies in Malawi Strudel and I can start adopting. Our feelers are out for a special pair of pups, the Cote Puppies from Cote de Texas. Their people have yet to return our people's phone calls though.
Check back next week as we hit the kitchen with D2, Scott, and whip up some yummy deliciousness. We've heard your cries for recipes when Artie talks about the dinners and tablescapes ... now get ready for them! First on the list: Sweet Onion Souffle ...


  1. OMG! I won!!!!!! I won!!!!!!!!! 10 weeks old and I'm already a winner of a bloggy giveaway! Oh, mommy is going to be sooooooooooo proud and excited! Oh geez, now I gotta pee really bad. Mommmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, btw... Mommy says you already know her email addy, but I should put it here anyway.

    Love to Studly D!

    Strudel : )~~~

  2. Congratulations Strudel, you are going to look so pretty (not that you don't already) in your new Bling Bling!

  3. It couldn't have gone to a better new pup on the block. How could you not choose that sweet little face? ~ Robyn

  4. Oh congratulations to Strudel!! What a cutie patootie!!!!

    Thanks for such a fun giveway and the into to Bling Bling!

    Recipes? Can't wait!!
    xo Isa

  5. Congrats Justine!! Hope you didn't peep your panties!! LOL

  6. Cutest little face! Congrats Srudel and Justine.
    Can't wait for Cooking with Scott. My mouth is already watering!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, Strudel ~ aren't you just the cutest little pooch!

    Dear Abby & D ... My human daughter is watching Cooper, another Maltese, this week while his humans are out of town. Cooper joins Sammy, the head canine in my human daughter's home. I will try my best to snap a few dog-alicious photos for you.

    Cooper and Sammy are quite the duo.

  8. Strudel. Is that the perfect name, or what??

  9. How absolutely adorable!
    Happy weekend!

  10. How absolutely adorable!
    Happy weekend!

  11. Are you sure this contest wasn't 'fixed'? I say, too co-incidental for my liking.
    SCROLL DOWN......

    You know Artie I am just kidding.
    Congratulations to Strudel (and Justine).
    Hugs to ya all -Brenda-

  12. Yeah for Strudel! Every girl deserves some bling bling.

    :) Kiki

  13. oh just so cute, would love one here...


  14. Congrats to good looking Strudel!

    Looking forward to the recipes but even more to the pergola!!!! The brick pile awaits you!

    G in CT