Thursday, April 2, 2009

Take Me Away ...

Isn't this front porch remarkably calming? I've had quite possibly the worst morning of 2009, and the moment I saw this photo all stress seemed to slip away. I could smell the sweet scent of the wildflower garden, the cool crisp air rustling through my hair, my toes dancing to the soft sounds of music coming from inside as I sit in the padded wicker chair pruning the many potted plants on the porch. Yes, this is the perfect place to hide a while from the reality, a garden cottage perfect for rest, relaxation, and gardening.

It almost looks like a painting, too picturesque for words. The old iron chairs in the middle of a lush green carpet of grass looking out into the curved and fluid beds of wildflowers that have certainly grown into their own. Can't you just see yourself with a big bowl of sweet peas straight from the vine, peeling and pulling in quiet, peaceful, solitude? It's a place where the worries of the world are not allowed, a safe haven for those with artistic natures and humble, caring hearts can restore lost energy.

A property of gardens and more gardens, a large main house with a smaller sleeping cottage in the back, and an amazing view!

Yes, this shingle style cape is on the bay of Martha's Vineyard, affectionately referred to as "the Vineyard" by the homeowners there, but I'd be more than happy just to call it home.

Beautiful green cabinets, open cupboard for plate and glass storage, and a farmhouse sink perfect for putting together beautiful wildflower bouquets! Yes, it's sheer perfection, and with a view to the bay beyond - it wouldn't be hard to find someone to do those dishes! I love the bead board backsplash, details on the cabinetry above, but overall the simplicity that exists here. It's as if you took the feeling of the outside, that comfortable solitude, and brought it right in.

Windows make up 70% if each wall facing the bay, on both floors. And you can see why. With views of the sailboats passing, wouldn't you find reason to grab a book and cozy up near the window on a lazy afternoon?

Indeed, the views here are remarkable, and the styling is just perfect. It's a cottage feel that rivals most I've seen. The idea that this is strictly a vacation or summer home is clear, but the attention to detail in the eclectic furniture and arrangement shows that things here have their place, and they are meaningful. A true home, away from home.

And of course, they'd have the bentwood soda chairs with caned seats - my favorite! I know that there are designers and non-designers alike out there who would recommend a rug, and slipcovers, shades and curtains, but I love this room as is - and wouldn't change a thing.

But most of all - perhaps my favorite of all, is the little sleeping room off the back of the main house. Cozy and comfortable, perfectly appointed, and a little rustic - it seems to be just the right space for me at this moment. Private, but open enough to let the sun, the wind, the healing effects of mother nature to fill the space, and once again, make me whole. Enjoy your day!


  1. I love all of your photos and would be more than content with the little guest cottage.

  2. well, I have NEVER been this much in love with a house. Good grief, Artie...this is so perfect, I can't even believe it. There should be a law that EVERYONE could enjoy such a home, at least once in their lifetime !!
    bwaaaaaaaa..I WANT IT !!

  3. Take me away!! That house is my kind of heaven. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Ahhhh! When are we moving?!
    xo Isa

  4. Thank you very much ... I'll rent that wonderful sleeping room for the months of May, June, July & August! Now who do I contact ????

  5. Those guest cottages define "charming"... I could definitely relax away a few hours there!

  6. Pure and simple.. absolutly lovely.

  7. The View! The Home....take me away, indeed!!

  8. Like your blog.
    Those pictures, want me to be there.
    Come join "Doors to Adore" , put on by Kari and Kijsa, and myself. Some of your pictures would be an inspiration.
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. EVERY picture is beautiful.
    I'm usually pretty happy with what I have but these pictures make me want this house very bad!!!

  10. Everything about this property is perfect!

  11. TAKE ME TOO !!!

    the pics remind me of maine, where my mother (joan crawford) lives.


  12. Oh, Now I'm dreaming! What a beautiful post. I can almost feel the breeze blowing in from the ocean. The sheers on the window blowing softly as if there were no cares in the world. I think I'll just sit here for awhile reading a romantic novel.
    ~~~ Terrie~~~

  13. Just got in from putzin' around in my flower beds, turning the mulch and peat and laying down the weed and feed! So calming to garden. Then, I popped in for a visit here and voila! you provide me with wildflowers, and gorgeous views of the water! Hope your day got much, much better! :)

  14. Hi Artie...all I can say is this is the description of serenity in pictures...I want to go there!
    ;-) Bo

  15. I grew up going to Nantucket in the summer- both the Vineyard and Nantucket are a place like no other, they are just beautiful.

    I LOVE this house- I wish I had a summer house there every summer I'm suck in Boston in the heat.

  16. Artie, I should not have come over to your blog. I want a weekend cottage so badly, and I want it to look just like this! But Alas, I'll never get it. It's only a dream, and I opened your blog and walked right into my dream. laurie

  17. That kitchen is so sweet Artie. I see what you mean. The house is adorable.
    Ness xx

  18. OMG, this house is GLORIOUS, inside and out! But.... I hate those kitchen chairs! I really really do. LOL

    Now tell us why you had such a horrible morning!

    Justine :o )

  19. Seriously great blog. What fab inspirations! I will be back for sure!

  20. What a beautiful post!
    The photos, the writing, exquisite!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Mary Jane