Saturday, June 20, 2009

Share a Garden Sunday

A little late getting this up tonight everyone, I apologize for that. If you'd like to play along with Share a Garden Sunday, please leave your link in the comments section, and I'll add it to the list at the bottom of this post as soon as possible. With that out of the way, welcome to the third Share a Garden Sunday. It has been so inspirational walking through the gardens of so many bloggers these past few weeks that I could hardly wait to get my patio finished for today's post. Unfortunately - mother nature had other plans, and with the rain came very little progress. So today, I want to share with you the inspirational yard and pergola and brick patio that started the whole thing:

This gorgeous victorian in Buffalo's very well maintained Olmstead district was a part of last years Buffalo Garden Walk. The house was magnificent - and from the minute you turned onto the street you could tell that whatever they had planted or built in the back yard must have been a show-stopper. The line was to the street!

After a bit of a wait - but a beautiful wait, we got to the brick walled back yard, complete with a cobble stone pathway, gorgeous and very large pond filled with some of the biggest koi fish I've ever seen, and a beautiful pergola and patio that flipped the switch, and had me coveting, desperately wanting one of my own.

The basketweave brick floor was a beautiful cool surface under the grapevine covered pergola that had an odd L-shaped flow. It was as if the person who designed this structure wanted to create a foyer of sorts. The whole collection of things in this yard - front and back - was simply delicious.

A view of the pond through the lush tropical foliage while sitting under the pergola.
I'm not kidding when I say that immediately my mind switched into "how can I re-create this" mode. I snapped pictures left and right of the fluted column detail, the construction, the floors, the benches ... everything and anything I could point at I took a picture of. To me, this garden, this pergola, this pond - was sheer perfection.
I didn't even mind the rope lighting - though, in my own I have decided on a different source. It's gardens like these - visited in real life and virtually through events like Share a Garden Sunday that bring so much life, smiles, laughs, and inspiration to people everywhere.
Now - off you go. Check out the blogs that participated this week, I have to get out of these wet clothes. I said that the rain slowed progress, it didn't stop it completely! :)
ChrisC & JonJ @ The Great Wall of Lutz
Florida Sue @ Luxe Lanai
Sandra @ My Bella Rose
Deborah @ Midlife Poet


  1. Artie -- what a beautiful inspiration garden -- I can see just from your pictures what a great garden it is. How I would love to see it in person!

    Please link my small garden post up to Share a Garden Sunday -- Linderhof's garden -- tour ready!


  2. We had so much fun last week,we wanna play again.
    Our link:

    Love that garden!Did you get into dry clothes?

  3. What a magnificent garden! With all its tropical beauty it is difficult to perceive its geographical location. It's obvious someone definitely has a 'green thumb'.

    (During the 'long' Winter Season, temperatures plunge well into the minuses and the region is notorious for heavy Snowfalls. Buffalo (and Rochester) N.Y. is well known to us in the Ottawa Valley who share much the same Winters.)

    Hoping Mother Nature is kind to you Artie and your patio will soon be completed. Hugs,

  4. gorgeous! thanks for letting us walk to work in my own, a new one. Gotta go water and multch. The Colorado sun really dries up the land...-susan

  5. Good morning! Yes, this is sheer perfection. The pond, the pergola, the big elephant ears standing tall at the back. Whoever owns this beauty truly loves their garden space. I have my post up now!

  6. Beautiful garden you have shared Artie! What a pergola...It is just dripping with green and beauty!

  7. Rats! I missed it again... wanted to participate..and just logged in now..Will have to mark "Share a Garden Sundays" in my dayplanner for next week!!! The coneflowers and daisies are just about to pop open here!

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous, lush garden today Artie!!!

  8. What a gorgeous yard! I see why it's an inspiration. And seeing how I've seen a peek at your progress on your own brick - yours looks even better!
    Happy Sunday, twin.
    I managed to put up some inspiration too - Could I finally be finding a rhythm in the crazy world of Museville? Doubt it. haha.

    xo Isa

  9. Artie -- I wouldn't miss SAGS for anything! I would love to come to the Buffalo Garden Walk but . . . Buffalo is a looong way from the prairie!

  10. Wow! Thanks for sharing that lush, jam packed garden. Love the elephant ears! Don't you LOVE garden tours!! I sure do. Please count me in

  11. I'm breathless looking at these pictures. What a stunning garden, just gorgeous!

  12. Oh Artie, how LOVELY! Certainly not a desert!!! Thank you for that beautiful tour. I am joining you again...this time mine is a desert Cantina party. Not so much folage, but still in my garden...

  13. Hi Artie, love your blog!! I have been a follower for a while and have enjoyed your humor so much. I am sharing a little fountain project for you,

    ~*~best kelley@Thepolishedpebble

  14. It's just a beautiful pergola and I can see why you would be inspired with this garden.It's hard to imagine that this is in Buffalo, it looks more like Florida. Here is my little contribution..I hope you have dried off. Luxe Lanai

  15. Your inspiration this week is amazing!!! My inspiration too...I love pergolas..grape vines...all of it..Beautiful. I have a post for this week...thanks for hosting again. I look forward to this.

  16. I am just babying my plants like crazy so I can join in this fun day. So, far, my garden is looking pretty pitiful....
    I loved THIS garden, however...

  17. I just posted about a new white garden bed:

    Carrie - Oak Rise Cottage

  18. I am sorry, I forgot to add my echeveria photos, which was the whole point..duh me.

  19. Beautiful! Everything looks lovely. I'd like to participate in your party too. :)

  20. Hi Artie,
    Beautiful garden tour...wish mine looked like that! :-) susan

  21. Every frame is lovely. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us. I'd like to participate in your event. Here are the details.....

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you spend in making this event possible.


  22. I can certainly see why you coveted that beautiful porch... what a lovely, lovely space. The front walk is beautiful too and such an inspiration!

    Please add my small contribution at:


    Sharon @ Chickens in the Mist

  23. Hi Artie, I remember when you talked about his inspirational garden. I can see what YOU see in it. It is fantastic! Please add me to your list again this week.