Monday, June 8, 2009

Sharing Inspiration ...

I'm so exhausted. Not only have I spent almost every ounce of my free time digging, planting, mulching, moving, digging, planting ... you get the idea, when I can't dig or plant or move or mulch - I'm thinking about gardening! It's an illness - I'm convinced.

Alas, I have resolved to just step back from the garden, at least for a couple of days. I think that a few days of enjoying it - watching it, thinking about it - will help me place the last few plants, and decide where to plant the second set of summer blooming bulbs. For now though, I am content to exist in the inspirational garden photos I found a few days ago. So content, that I decided to share them with you here.

This cottage style garden is a wash of texture, color, height, and play. The myriad of greens, the bursts of color, the textures and heights - the architecture and whimsy of the bed cuttings ... this is my dream garden. If you had asked me a few years ago what type of garden "style" was my favorite I would have said rock, or Japanese. I figured the less maintenance the better. But then I was introduced to the cottage garden style, thanks to the Buffalo Garden Walk - and my life, and my garden, have never been the same.
It is so strange that gardening, gardens, flowers - can have such a profound effect on someone. Me, especially. I grew up in the hot, dry, windy climate of West Texas, where nothing but cactus grew and even then - you were lucky to get that to thrive. Gardening was not part of my life there, and so when I came to NY, I was shocked, gobsmacked - by the beauty of gardens in this area.
Due to the mostly frigid climate, when spring rolls around - nurseries open up and people flock in droves to buy the latest and greatest perennials, carts upon carts of annuals, and hanging baskets like you've never seen. I suppose when you only have a few months to enjoy the beauty of a garden - you go big. VERY BIG!

Now - my yard is small. City scaled with a very narrow composition that is only moderately deep. It will take a few years for my garden to fill in - but once it does, I hope it only has a part of the beauty of this place.
Now, just because gardening has ceased (for the time being) doesn't mean I'm not fast at work at putting together a tablescape for Tablescape Thursday. I've been measuring, sewing, seam-ripping, re-measuring, sewing, seam-ripping ... again, you get the idea. All I can say is it's shaping up to be the BEST tablescape yet, with a theme that is oh so French, ala Cote de Texas.
See you Thursday!


  1. Oh my goodness! Your gardens are a work of art! I am almost embarrassed that you saw my piddly little pots. :)

    You truly have a lovely emerald green thumb.

  2. Artie, The photos are beautiful & cottage gardens are my favorite too. I love all the flowers. A few of my day lilies have HUGE flowers on them, so now I want more of the big ones. Guess I'll go back to ebay for more plants.
    You're oh so right - gardening is an addiction! ☺ Diane

  3. What a green thumb you have! A garden worthy of gardeners envy! Keep up the digging of dirt, a dirty pasttime but yields such beautiful blooms.

  4. truly inspiring...

    and you're the kind of guy
    who turns inspiration
    into beauty.

    shape it, Baby!
    realize it!
    (and if it takes all summer, enjoy the ride!)

  5. Hey, Artie.... Guess what?

    We finished our screen door!!!

  6. Hey, Artie.... Guess what?

    We finished our screen door!!!

  7. Hi, Artie, thanks for stopping by! I'm SO behind on visiting all my blog friends. And I've been outside working in the yard too. Just not enough time for it all these days. You know I love the yardsales! I love your backyard bohemian dinner you set up, gorgeous.

    And you know, I just picked up that little plate cause it was cute & I don't know what I'm going to do with it. I have plenty of blue/white already in the master bedroom, so how about this..send me your address & I'm going to mail it to you! OK! My email is on my blog.

  8. Your gardens are stunning! It is obvious that you enjoy working in them and bringing them to their fullest. THANK YOU for sharing them.

  9. Artie --

    You're making great bones in your garden -- when those plants grow and fill out -- you will have the garden of your dreams.

    And gardens change -- some annuals reseed and move around -- some perennials do as well (my tickseed doesn't grow where I planted it but where it wants to! and my butter and eggs -- it's fun to see where IT pops up!)

    I can't wait for your tablescape -- yours are always the best!

    BTW, did I tell you that my daughter lived in Buffalo for 3 years? We've been there many times and I do like that area -- especially Niagara Falls and the Canadian wine trail.

  10. Hey Artie, Gardening had to take a backseat around here over the weekend - or so I thought. I wound up going on a mission - looking for Lamb's Ears. Apparently, they are one of the plants that didn't survive the winter in most of our Twin Cities gardens. I finally found them in a small out of the way greenhouse - we stopped there in the pouring rain. When we ran into the quonset hut to inquire about them - we were told that we were their 3rd customer of the day and each one of us wanted Lamb's Ears. Go figure. I got the last three. They are so soft and fuzzy, almost as soft as Mile's ears. ~ Robyn

  11. So you are doing a little sewing too. Now you are talking my language so I am verrrry curious.(Did you get my fabric chart that I emailed you a few days ago?)

    Looking forward to seeing your Tablescape. Hugs -Brenda-

  12. This is fabulous! You have done an outstanding job and I can see why you are so pooped! Enjoy it now, summer goes too fast. Cindy

  13. Hi Artie,
    Thanks for dropping in my blog. Glad you liked the Re-thunk Junk idea. Maybe we need a Re-thunk Junk post day?!
    Hey if you get bored with your garden come do ours, it is a jungle right now I am sad to say. DH so so busy this time of year and I can not keep up with it all.
    Oh well, what is a person to do, if I were richer I would hire someone.
    Be good to you,

  14. Don't me so surprised if kabamm!! there's more quicker than you expect. Nature plays those funny tricks. Mind you something inevtably will turn a rude shade of dead brown & dishearten you, but fear not its sooo worth it down the road.
    Your own little stamp of gobsmack!!!

  15. This garden is just lovely Artie. You are doing a great job...actually, that looks finished to me but I imagine you have lots more in mind! Enjoy your break and just breathe it all in...
    All Things Heart and Home

  16. Hello Artie, so nice to meet you and glad you stopped by! This is such an inspirational garden/yard! I wish that I was more of a gardener with a green thumb! The fruits of your labor have definitely paid off! Great job and I can't wait to see your tablescape on Thurs. Take care of yourself! Luanne

  17. Those photos are so inspirational! I love the cottage style garden. I'm just a beginner...and I share your 'pain' after the weekend. Who knew that planting and mulching could be so much hard work? Or is it that I'm out of shape? Don't answer that. haha

    Thanks for the inspirational photos - I hope to have something even half that gorgeous one day!

  18. Ah...but it's the good type of tired. I'm sure your mind is racing while resting, thinking of what you'll do next. Keep up the great job!
    G in CT

  19. I love the photos! I just found your blog through Susan's "Between Naps on the Porch". I'm so glad I stopped by you have great style! I'll definitely be back for a return visit. -Jackie

  20. Hi Artie,

    Yes, gardening is an illness. Many of us are stricken with it! ;-)

    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog!

    Melanie @ The Old White Cottage

  21. I'm another urban dweller with not much in the way of "land" - just a small plot in front - the back is just one big grass at all. It gets frustrating when you want to plant a bazillion different plants and you only have room for a very few!

    I look forward to seeing photos of your garden haven!

  22. If Gardening is an illness, let me die from it. LOL!
    Taking a little time off, stepping back and thinking about it is always good - especially with terrible blisters that you have suffered! :( It's a living work of art, and I'm excited about seeing it grow and evolve.
    Great snaps - I love the first garden the most!
    xo Isa

  23. Enjoy your garden walk -- I've always so enjoyed having people in my home or garden. You'll have to share more!

  24. Looking at some of these pictures is almost better than taking a bubble bath for relaxation!

    Justine :o )

  25. Love the garden photos. So lush. Gardening is so rewarding, worth all the sweat equity.

  26. Everything looks so beautiful!!! I hope you don't mind but here is a link to a blog from Prince Edward Island,in Canada. She has a beautiful garden I thought you might enjoy looking at her garden.

    I know there are so many blogs to look at but this one will capture your heart!

  27. I just came across your blog and have to say "I Love Your Place!" The music is wonderful too! I've been away from blogging the past month or so but I'm back full swing!

    I have a garden in So Cal that I've been trying to keep up, although I could really use some help and advice cuz it's rather large. Your blog is so inspiring and full of helpful info I will be sure to refer back to it many times!