Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Dazed and Confused

Thank you to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting, yet another, wonderful and beautiful tablescaping event. More thanks to those of you who stopped by on Monday to wish me good fortune, and photogenic luck for the photo shoot with the Buffalo News on Tuesday. Before I get started with this weeks tablescape, I'd like to tell you all how that went.

The editor of the Home & Garden section was delightful. Her eyes look excited, and she had nothing but positive things to say. I offered to change anything that she thought might look a little unwelcoming to the eye of the camera (afterall, she's done this for a living for a good while), and she said, "absolutely not! I think your home will give someone great ideas!"

So with that, the photographer (very professional, and very good) took great pictures of the interior. I only got to see two of them, but they were stunning. I can't wait to see which ones they chose, and to share them here with all of you.

The patio was in the feature, along with two of our good friends, "Margaret" and her husband. The tablescape was different than what I am showing you here, I'll wait for the opportunity to show you the professional shots to share that one. Now, in the midst of taking photos of the house for my own editing eye before the shoot began, I misplaced my camera - and this camera is not the best. Please forgive these photos.

Here the patio in partial glory. I've added the cementing sand and the sod to cover the spaces where Dorothy and Dan had tilled ... special thanks to them for making this so possible. Without their help in prepping the area, I would have never been able to lay this patio in just 2-days.

And the only decent photo of the tablescape from this camera. (I know - I'm sorry). This was simple throw together meal for 4, although to be honest - I don't know that anyone will even eat there. Tonight has been really difficult, and I've yet to settle back down after the frustration, anxiousness, and self-doubt for the past few days. I've proven difficult to live with.
But, the intentions were great. I moved the arrangement from the photoshoot (dining room) outside, and paired it with our linen napkins in a subtle sage, and brass chargers. Candlesticks with white candles, and bamboo flatware. All atop the burlap tablecloth. Simple and delicate, because the real "view" is this:

It's starting to look like a garden! Thanks for taking a peak at my table, patio, and garden this week. I promise to find my better camera and take great pictures for Share a Garden Sunday, less something tragic stand in the way. Happy Thursday!


  1. Great job Artie! I can't wait to see the photo shoot pics. Although I must say, these are great. What's the limey green plant in your border.... kind of front and slightly off center?

  2. It is a lovely view Artie and the table looks great. I hope things have settled down for you. Looking forward to seeing the photo op!!

  3. Artie -- It is beginning to look like a garden! How beautiful. Love your brick patio and love the classicness of your tabletop.

    I got the screen ages ago from Expo (the upscale Home Depot store -- it is a 4 piece screen and I bought it for my closet (which has no doors) -- I was on the way out to the garage with the other two -- stood it up on the porch to do something else . . . and it was one of those moments when you know that that is the right place -- thus screen never left the porch.

    The candleholder is one piece with 9 poles. It would be easy to replicate if you knew a welder. I can send you measurements, etc. We didn't make it -- we bought it but it is a great piece. And it does look so good at night!

  4. Congrats. I hope you have a wonderful Tablescape Thursday.

  5. very nice tablescape and I can tell you I could only *hope for my yard to look like this, I am suffering from learning to garden in a hot climate and having no money to spend of plants and on top of all that, the soil is full of sand so nothing grows and the air is 'coastal' so things are temperamental

    oh and I'm temperamental all the time, part of being creative I believe! I feel your self-doubt pain


  6. Even with the secondary camera, it is a beautiful table...I hope you find you good one soon, I would cry if I lost mine!! Can't wait for an update on the photoshoot.
    Happy TT!

  7. It's gorgeous Artie! Amazing job! ☺ Diane

  8. What a fabulous job you've done on the patio, garden, everything. It all looks great! A wonderful job.
    I can't wait to see all the photos..

  9. Gorgeous table,Artie! Beautiful view!!! I am looking forward to seeing more!

  10. Can't wait to see the photo shoot. I too had camera difficulties this week - so frustrating. The post is beautiful just the same - I love your garden.


  11. Congratulations, Artie, again on your photo shoot! It's so exciting! I cannot wait to see the beautiful photos!

    Speaking of beautiful photos -- everything about your yard is looking magnificent!! I spy with my little eye some pompus grass! It's so fun to watch the garden grow, and yours is coming along so beautifully.

    The tablescape is fabulous and I love that you brough the DR chairs outside. I'd love to pull up a seat at the table, share in the wine, great food, and lovely company well into the summer night.
    xo Isa

  12. Well, you made it through! Now settle back with a nice wine and enjoy your garden that you have created! It is just looking lovely.
    And I almost forgot, what time will you be serving?
    Have a great TT....

  13. Morning, Artieness! I hope you're calmer today! Oh, how exciting about your home being featured. Can't wait to see the pictures! Your table setting is delightful! I have those Ernest Hemingwayish flatware! I love them!
    Oh, and your garden is coming along very beautifully!
    Have a great calmed down day and
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. It looks beautiful.And so does your garden.You can come "do" my patio anytime!I have no doubts.

  15. Artie, I am SO excited for you that the photo shoot went well. This is so damn exciting! How did you get featured btw?
    I can't wait to see the pictures!!!!

    You're right, your garden really IS starting to look like a garden and it's gorgeous!

    I can tell from the peek you gave us of the patio that it's going to be knock-out gorgeous. Are you still doing a pergola?

    Justine :o )

  16. Oh, Artie! De-Lovely!!!
    **blows kisses** Deborah

  17. I'm with everyone else. I can't wait to see the photos. This moveable feast setting looks marvelous, as does your yard. You have the touch; for sure.

  18. Looks fabulous Artie, great job. Your garden is amazing, I'm SO jealous!

  19. Everything looks beautiful and I can't believe you laid that patio in 2 days!!! I can't wait to see the pictures from the photoshoot.

  20. EXCELLENT job Artie! We're all proud of you!
    Trying to figure out the green vase in the tablescape. Old tobacco jar, old battery acid jar?? I really like its look.
    G in CT

  21. Beautiful tablescape...and what exciting news about the photoshoot...can't wait to see the pics! I love the pic you showed of your new patio with the modified basket weave...I love the way it looks, Artie! Now you get to sit back and relax and enjoy your gorgeous yard and patio alllll summer! :-) Susan

  22. Hi Artie,
    Lovely table, loving those pretty flowers in the middle. Nice job and hey, come work on my jungle of a garden, please!!lol
    Linda Q

  23. Artie, i'm glad things went well for you - and I can't wait to see those professional shots! Your garden is looking lovely! ~ Robyn

  24. Artie...Thanks for your drive by!!! and commenting on my geraniums... I know what you mean about dead heading and then poof, nothing... It's happened to me before too. Any good geranium pretty much takes care of itself if watered, fertilized and in full sun. I'm convinced there are just some varieties like seed geraniums that just never do well, unless babysat every minute, I say"Off with their heads"! Ha!, I can be pretty ruthless with a bad performing flower!!! Ha! I love your Scape center piece by the way...Georgious, xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  25. Hello ~
    Thanks for visiting my blog - you will find that yes, I am very creative on the "cheap" side..LOL !
    Loved your table setting and I am loving your flaware - I have the lighter version..I am on the lookout for a set like yours. I love this flatware as it provides such a nice texture with the linens. Your patio is Gorg and the plants look almost faux - as they are perfect. Congrats on the shoot and you will have to keep us updated on the mag !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  26. A very charming and elegant setting! I love to eat alfresco. I love your flower centerpiece too.


  27. Hi Artie, I love your table....clean and beautiful!!

    Your pictures are wonderful...looking forward to seeing more.


  28. this makes me sad. I feel like I contributed to your self doubt. I am really sorry I made you redo your living room. it was perfect before. I am a real idiot sometimes. i have too big of a mouth. please accept my apologies.

  29. this makes me sad. I feel like I contributed to your self doubt. I am really sorry I made you redo your living room. it was perfect before. I am a real idiot sometimes. i have too big of a mouth. please accept my apologies.