Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday - A Garden Realized

I've been sick. Terribly sick, actually. This morning my eyes were swollen shut, and I could barely breath. It was awful, and it hasn't gotten much better as the day trudged along. I did however make an effort to go out and take pictures of the garden with my new camera. I haven't quite figured out how to work all of the gadgets yet, but as soon as I do, I'll let you know how well I like it. (Above) the garden, almost in it's entirety. It's come a long way, huh? Look at Earl over there to the right, still happy as a clam.

Our daylilies are opening up now, along with the pink garden phlox. It's really a stunning pairing.
Looking through the mirror, again. This camera is a full 5 megapixels larger than my point and shoot, and a DSLR, so there are all sorts of interesting tid' bits I've still to learn in order to capture the best shots and the best settings; but I'm in love with this.

The liatris (purple) almost at full bloom is certainly attracting it's fair share of visitors. The bees seem to love it more than the beebalm I planted. Look closely - I found a bee that was just loving having his picture taken. Photogenic little bugger!

And then he popped right over and got some sweets from the false sunflower which is planted beneath the river clump birch tree and next to the butterfly bush. The black eyed susans planted just to the left of this shot are opening (finally) so it should be a nice August showing.
I know that it's a short post, but again, feeling under the weather with a new camera is really not the best time to be out shooting pictures of the garden. You all take good care, and chew your vitamins!


  1. Sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly. Your flower pictures are beautiful, but you need to get back in bed and get well!! Take care of your self.

  2. Artie, this spring/summer has not been kind to you. We'll blame it on the weather! I think that I am starting to sport a summer cold, too. They are the worst! But your garden shots are looking pretty spiffy. What type of camera did you get? ~ Robyn

  3. Hi there! I am soooooooooo sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Summer is the worst time of all to catch something! Your photography is great and I bet you are having fun figuring out all the bells and whistles.

    Must tell you I can't watch Design Star without thinking of you. I already have a favorite or two.

  4. Your garden pictures are lovely and glad to see that your posting again -- but am soooo sorry that you're not feeling well -- it is no fun to be sick in the summer! Chicken soup and a hot toddy is what you need.

  5. Pictures are great. I hope you feel better soon.............Jo

  6. Sorry you're sick, Artie, hope you feel better soon. Your flower photos are gorgeous...Christine

  7. Such beautiful photos of the garden. I love the bee shots - I'm a little afraid of bees but I like it when other people get close enough to take pictures of them! Nice job!

  8. so sorry to hear you have not been feeling well.

    *heres some great energy* sent your way via prayers and thoughts.

    Your pictures show such a delight. I love when I stumble upon a kindrid spirit that loves to capture moments in time in such a delightful way.

    Take care!!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  9. Oh Artie I am so sorry to hear that you are sick... The flowers are spectacular but I think you need to get in bed and rest up... Have fun with your new camera and get better soon!


  10. Beautiful pictures ... I haven't spent nearly as much time in my garden this year as I should. Its so awful being sick in the summer. I hope you feel better!

  11. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, but I must say that the garden and Earl are looking fabulous!

    Feel better soon, I want to see more of what that new-fangeled camera can do! I just love new gadgets.

  12. Hi Artie! I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick! Your garden is looking terrific, though! I love all of the shades of yellow and purple! Take care!...Debbie

  13. Wow - your garden is beautiful and is coming along very nicely. Love the mirror and the interest it adds!

    Thanks for sharing - hope you feel better soon!

  14. Poor you. You sounded perfectly awful on the phone - I hope that you are resting!

    Your garden is just stunning, Twin. Your hard work shows. I love the purple/orange purple/yellow combos - it's gorgeous, and YAY for bees. Lurve them.

    Feel better, and fantastic job on your beautiful garden and home for Earl.
    xo Isa

  15. Feel better soon. Your garden is lovely. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  16. Ack! Feel better Artie, and SOON! Your garden looks soooooooooooo beautiful and I'm so envious of your new camera!

    Justine :o )

  17. Hi Artie, Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I had some catching up to do here and I am running right out tonight to see if I can get some russian sage to put in the beds with my Echinacea. Hope they will like each other as much as yours do!

    Be well my friend
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  18. when Superman is down,
    the whole world feels it,
    gets rained on.

    feel better, mon.

    your photos are stunning.
    your world, incredible.

  19. I just found your blog and what a beautiful home and garden you have. Your garden took my breath away it really shows all the love and hard work you have put into it.
    Your garden tour of the homes on your block was delightful.
    Take care and I hope you feel better soon,

  20. Hi Artie, So sorry you are feeling "not so like Artie". I would like to share a post for SAGS and I can't quite remember how I am supposed to do it?!

    Feel better~*~kelley

  21. Your garden looks beautiful. Do you think you are allergic to gardening or something in the garden? I sure hope not. Take care. laurie

  22. Hey Baby! It's me, Margret. Just checking in to your bog. Dan and Dor's garden looks great! I liked the pics of the walk. Love you! Marge

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