Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picnic in the Garden

A few Sunday's ago, I decided that it was time for me and Scott to spend a little time in the Garden enjoying what has grown from all of the hard work, time, and money we've put into it this year. I posted this originally as a SAGS post in early August, but Susan at Between Naps on the Porch left a comment a few days ago and said it'd be a great Tablescape Thursday post, and I have to agree. So, here it is. Make sure to stop over at Susan's and take a look around at the gorgeous blogs with tablescape posts, old and new. As a secondary note, my work load at the office has become very strenuous these past few weeks, leaving me with little time for much else. Next week, we'll resume with new Tablescape posts, and a GIVEAWAY! Make sure to come back next Thursday to learn more!

It's been a cool summer - with unbelievable rain - and the flowers have been very late to bloom. Recently, we've had a couple of 80 degree days, and Scott and I had a few new flowers finally open up:

This is called a pineapple lily, and in our region (Zone 5) it's treated as an annual. We bought it as a bulb in May, and we've waited almost 2 months for the flower to emerge. With the wait now over, I couldn't help but stare for a while.

Scott's favorite, and my gift to him last year for all of the hard work that he puts forth: the tiger lily. This year they reached 4' and even though many of them have yet to bloom, the ones that have are certainly putting on a show. Can't you see why they are his favorites?

And my favorite pairing in the garden this year, and a bloom that is relatively new - the cherry and apricot re blooming daylilies. Shaded and sheltered by the palms of the banana tree, they have been spared any color bleaching from the sun, and the vibrancy of their color is really eye catching. The combination was so beautiful in fact, that it inspired our picnic that evening:

Nestled in the cove of the new garden extension, behind the massive Japanese ribbon grass, Scott and I set a lovely picnic for two, with fresh fruit, and apple baked brie. Chardonnay and a lemon ice are also in store.

I put together two mini arrangements from flowers found in the garden. I was so happy that we planted cutting flowers this year. I wrapped Japanese ribbon grass around the inside of a small whiskey glass, and filled with a large star gazer lily, orange and lemons guillardia, dahlietta, butterfly bush bloom, and a sprig of flowers from the Wine and Roses wiegela bush, which re-bloomed this summer. I added height with a pedestal from Colonial Candle.

Of course, the cherry and apricot colors of my newly blooming lilies were the inspiration, so I was pleased as punch to find this throw in the linen closet. Originally purchased on a whim during our trip to a POPS concert last 4th of July, it was the perfect base for the cozy picnic for two.

Even with hours left of daylight, it's nice to have the flame of a candle near by. The garden lantern from Colonial Candle was a wonderful accent to the setting, and will provide a nice light if conversation takes us to dusk - which is bound to happen.

And Scott adds, "with a park like setting in our very own back yard, who wouldn't find something to talk about for hours on end?" and I have to agree. Now, setting this up was so fun and having my new accessories from Colonial Candle made it even more so!

The pedestals from their website are so functional. You can use them for candles, as height boosters for flower vases, decorative accessories, shells, stones - you name it. Their uses are endless, and at a cool $10 each, they're beautiful and sensible.

Best part is, you can stack them if you need more height, or leave them be if you need the symmetry. Definitely recommended: you can find them here.

And the garden lantern we used for candle light is perfect for any setting, but is so suitable to garden entertaining. It's soft pewter finish and curved lines make it easy to stand out, but also fit in. Here it is hanging in my tree.

And here it is nestled between the dusty miller and carnations on the bark mulch. Again, another great Colonial Candle find, I highly recommend these if you're doing any entertaining where candle light can be appreciated. These are $24/ea. and available here. Oh, and Colonial Candle was nice enough to offer all of you a discount if you're looking to purchase these items. Just use the promotional code: ARTIE15 to get $15 off your order of $75 or more.


  1. outa sight, man!
    you know how to
    make a moment.


  2. Just beautiful! You have such a great eye. Thank you for letting us picnic in your garden.


  3. Sweet! Artie. Plus getting us all of these discounts is so awesome. I'm going to have to pop over there and check out those candle holders, they are so versatile. I'll check back in tomorrow morning with fresh garden shots. ~ Robyn

  4. Artie-I love that tiger lily!!! I'm afraid all I have luck with is the orange "ditch" lily :) I don't get a lot of sun. Love the grass wrapped inside the glass! Have a lovely Sunday!

  5. Oh Artie, I don't even know where to begin! First of all, you're a genius with color. Not only the arrangements and the blankets, but just the way you've mixed your flowers. OMG, perfection!

    Your grass looks SO soft. I'd just love to walk barefoot through your yard. The grass here in FL is HORRIBLE. It's thick and spikey and just nasty.

    What are those penis-shaped purple flowers in the background? Look kind of like lilac, but i've never seen lilac grow like that. Hmmm.

    Which camera did you wind up buying and how much was it? Because your pictures are WOW. I mean, jump right out of the computer gorgeous!!!!!!! The crispness and color is just AMAZING!!!

    Justine :o )

  6. I love your pictures of the flowers and your garden picnic -- perfection -- the blanket on the grass -- the pillows -- the flowers in the vase.

    When one gardens, one should take the time to sit and enjoy it -- and your picnic in the garden is perfect to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

  7. How gorgeous! I love your whole picnic set up, and nobody can arrange flowers like you can! The accessories from Colonial Candle are great - I especially love the stackable pedestals!
    It's nice to see you enjoying your beautiful garden. You have worked so hard on it, and it shows.
    xo Isa

  8. What a beautiful setting Arti. You guys have done a wonderful job of creating a beautiful garden. I love the picnic styling and the cherry and apricot colors are to die for. I hope you enjoyed your time in the garden. We all need time to relax, breathe and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Have a fabulous week.

  9. Absolutely love the Tiger Lily.Hmmmm....maybe I can relocate that AND Earl to Florida.
    Just kidding....kinda.
    Your garden is beautful!Love the picnic idea.Note to self-get some brie.
    And thanks for the discount code.Gonna pop over there right now.

  10. Oh Artie! **turns green with envy** De-Lovely!!! 80 degrees? Winter temperatures for desert dwellers...we have been in the
    116's and have been reduced to natural habitat for the remainder of the summer. I am mentally joining you and worries, I'll just lay in that gorgeous grass. **blows kisses** Deborah

  11. Oh...I think my blood pressure just dropped several points! That was just beautiful and so peaceful looking. Your garden is just stunning...ours not so much. Still hacking and re-arranging plants!

  12. Beautiful and nature inspiring Artie. I was just outside doing the same (taking a few pics as the flowers have finally blossomed)......but guess what.......YES..... it started to RAIN!!!!!! Enough is enough!!!!

  13. ps
    on top of everything else,
    exquisite photography!

  14. Just stunning my friend... Loved your little picnic in the garden.
    Have a fun filled day!


  15. Love your picnic - very

  16. Beautiful! Everything is coming along nicely it looks and you should be proud of what you've accomplished! Very inspirational and the photos are amazing!

    Thanks for sharing......

  17. Beautiful picnic! Beautiful back yard! Beautiful photos!

  18. What a great picnic setting, Artie.

    I was thrilled to see your pineapple lily. I just ordered two bulbs for next year. You are the first person I have seen who has grown this lily. I am going to grow mine in a pot and overwinter them (I am also in zone 5). I think they would look fantastic in an indoor bouquet.

    Thanks for an enjoyable post. I always love coming here to see what you have done.

  19. My first visit to your blog, and I must say your picnic setting is sooooo relaxing, the colors and the simplicity are so inviting I am really glad to have discovered your site.
    Love the photos; please share the name of your camera, my email address is Hope you will visit my site and seep a cup of tea with me.

  20. That is such lovely proof that a good time can be had with imagination and a little budget. Privacy of home to boot. It reminds me of some lovely pics i used to see in some magazines.

  21. Artie...your garden is indeed more lovely than any park setting...just beautiful! This would even make a great TT post!
    :-) I need to get my act together and join in another Share a Garden party! Susan

  22. I'm still loving that Tiger Lily!It is simply stunning!

  23. How wonderful to have a setting like that to picnic in! I love your utopia!
    You did a great job, your landscaping is really lovely, as is your table(blanket)scaping! Beautiful!
    All the best,

  24. Beautiful landscaping - I would be having a picnic every day!

  25. Gorgeous garden and pictures! I'm sure you had a wonderful picnic in such a beautiful place!

  26. Hi Artie,
    Found you through Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch. I greatly enjoyed seeing your beautiful garden. I'm going to become a follower and spend some time looking at your older posts!

    Hope your weekend goes well.

    Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements

  27. Artie, What a beautifull yard, no wonder you wanted to eat outdoors and your arrangement on the lawn was perfect. I am glad I found your blog.


  28. Thanks for the lovely post! I love picnics and so much the better in a beautiful garden setting. Your flowers are stunning. Thanks for sharing this perfect picnic!

    Hope you'll stop by my place for a visit:

    I'm toasting Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch in honor of her Blog Anniversary!

  29. Artie, the photos look great! They really pop!

  30. So vibrant I just want to step into your photos:)

  31. oooohhh how romantic! You look like you love gardens as much as I do! I wish my lilies were still blooming but they are done for the year. I so enjoyed visiting your blog.

  32. Just beautiful! What a lovely place to spend a summer afternoon, or evening for that matter. Your flowers are gorgeous, good things come to those who wait and all that. Thanks for sharing this lovely picnic. Kathy

  33. Inspiring! This Ozark farm chick is gonna grab Grannies quilt and eat lunch out in the cottage garden. I suffer from OCFD (Obsessive Compulsive Flower Disorder) and spend so much time taking care of instead of enjoying my acre of gardens here on the Ponderosa. Thanks!

  34. Just now checking this out Artie and it is gorgeous- everything about it! Love you new track on your blog too....I have loved the Suite from Forrest Gump for years but it always makes me sad for some reason.

  35. What a beautiful setting for 2. Lovely flowers and pretty yard.
    Too bad it's wasted on two gay guys. OMG!!!