Monday, September 14, 2009

And it's over ... Congratulations Antonio

I have no words ... I'm sorry, but I don't.

In other Casa de la Vanderdogan News - the house is upside down. We're moving furniture, switching lighting, pillows, rugs, and more to create a new mood, and celebrate the beginning of fall.

I'm even taking a swing at sewing a few things, thanks to one of my vacation purchases, a great how-to book, with magnificently detailed instructions and photos called: Soft Furnishings. How to Sew everything from slipcovers to table cloths and napkins are detailed in the many pages of this book, so I've decided to test my sewing ability and jump right in. Stay tuned for more!

And because the house is a wreck, and I need a few days to get everything back in order, I want to share pictures of our latest excursion with you all! Tomorrow: Newport, RI, and the many mansions we toured last week. Hurry back!


  1. I'm with you. No words. ;) I guess the viewers will shape his success...will be interesting to see. Looking fwd to the mansions!

  2. I have tons of words - esp for HGTV - I won't be watching his show, what they found refreshing I found obnoxious. Can't wait to here and see Newport - I was born and lived there for many years.I come from a long line of Newporters.I'm also anxious to see your home I know it'll be fantastic!.......Jo

  3. I didn't even watch the last episode. I'm with you on the no words. It feels fixed and I feel real talent was cheated.

    Can't wait to see the new pics you have to share!

  4. I guess that I always have to say something nice....I find his gruff attitude refreshing. We shall see.

    Loving that green velvet!

  5. Slip covers...that has to be hard.

    Newport RI--yup beautiful. My parents lived there back during World War II!

  6. Artie--You know I really liked them both, but I just thought Antonio was different and still very good-plus genuinely caring about his clients. Dan will have a great career and he models too! Good luck with the sewing. It is one my regrets that I never learned how! Can't wait to see.

  7. Artie, I'm surprised - you wouldn't have any words????
    I'm sorry to say, that I was actually pulling for Antonio. But I guess that's just the girl still falling for the "Bad Boy". I knew all along that they were going to chose him. He is HGTV's answer to Guy Fuiedi or however you spell his name. Think about it. Dan was cheated. I can't wait to see your vacation shots and your Met posts. ~ Robyn

  8. I found Antonio loud, egotistical and lacking in small details. Too 'in your face' for me! Loved Dan's work.

  9. The whole design star show was a big disappointed this year. The designs were pretty bad as well. Don't know what they are thinking. Just think they wanted someone totally different than past shows. We can only hope next year will be better. It's too much stress for me to even think about auditioning. The competition could make or break you.

  10. I cannot wait to see the end result of your projet - those colors and textures are fab and so so FALL!
    xo Isa

  11. I was wondering what you thought about Antonio winning, I believe they had him picked for a while. I thought his 'house project' was awful. I won't say any more.

    Good luck with your project, I'm on hold with mine. My beautiful Collie had to be operated on yesterday, now I'm broke. :( He looks like a well used teddy bear, with three large shaved spots on his back. But if he can be with me for a few more years, it's worth it.


  12. Design Star producers gave unrealistic assignments that they probably thought would be fun and inspire creativity (e.g., white room decorated only with grocery store purchases??). Week-after-week I saw little fun and loads of frustration. Designers didn't have time to plan more than the basics, and didn't have time for problem-solving (which happens in most decorating projects, no matter how accomplished the decorator). Thanks for your wordless summary. Look forward to your fall decorating project! Fieldstone/Pam