Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gone to Pot?

Sand coated, lime aged, white washed, color glazed, and raw, terracotta pots are showing up more and more in the design world, taking them from simple garden standby to interior design must have. Now, as you might have read in previous posts this week, I'm working at putting together the fall decor of Casa de la Vanderdogan; and in my many trials I've found some interesting inspiration. Take a peak:

An advertisement in a Houston based magazine shows a collection of terracotta pots in a myriad of sizes, holding moss and orchids. Note the fun tension they've created with all the rustic and natural touches surrounding the feminine lines of the linen covered chair. Rich, and sophisticated.

Potting shed? Morning room hoosier? Here farm fresh eggs in blue stoneware pair up beautifully with lime aged terracotta pots.
This magnificently adorned family room with its whitewashed terracotta bowls in each of the window sills. A clever way to bring some rustic touches to this room, along with the weathered log table (right of image) and animal hides and antlers strewn on the fireplace mantle.
Another ad for a Houstonian Antiques Dealer. Isn't the patina of terracotta lovely against the fresh ecru pages of antique books?

A collection of herb topiaries flank a fireplace mirror. A beautiful introduction of color in the otherwise cream landscape.

But it's not just pots that are sparking interior design interest. Antique terracotta facade pieces are being converted into lamps, art, even bases for coffee and side tables.

Opting to paint terracotta a complementary color is a great way to keep its usefulness in coordination with the decor. I much prefer it's natural, weathered look though. What about you?

And feathers collected from the farm find their perch inside of this beautifully patinaed terracotta cup.

So there you have it, a peak into my fall state of mind. I'm working hard to get it all together by Monday, but it's taking more time than I had anticipated. (Perhaps taking a sewing class would help.) Til' next time.


  1. I've always preferred terra cotta pots for the plants inside Linderhof! Especially aged terra cotta (which is why you find me in the garage at Estate Sales -- looking for old pots) or Guy Wolff pots which begin aged!

    I also like concrete ones for the garden -- but they must also have some age and hopefully some greeny moss on them!

    Nice pictures -- some great inspirtion.

    I can't wait to see the redo of your house for fall!

  2. Hi, Artie, these ARE some very inspiring pics. And I love your new blog look too. Great!

  3. I love the aged look of terracotta pots with glazed ones too. It makes such a beautiful combination. I can't wait to see the finished house. Hugs, Marty

  4. Come on Artie. I wanna see what YOU are doing!

    Justine :o )

  5. I am loving the "new" look of using terra cotta pots and garden things. The look goes great out here in West, all the shells and starfish I saw thru the summer...just didn't set too well out here in all the sand and dust.:O)
    You have given me inspiration for the mantel behind my Franklin stove..I've been pondering and wondering what would look really great there. The weathered pots will be fabulous. Paint can help those terra cotta pots look older..
    I am not into feathers so will look for other things to go along wih the pots. If you think of anything wonderful..let me know!!
    Can't wait to see your new decor..
    xo bj

  6. Hi Arti, I love the look of aged terracotta pots. Especially love the ones with the eggs and feathers.

  7. Terracotta, one of my favourites. Just LOVE IT! Shall be back tomorrow to see what magic you've created. Hugs -Brenda-

    P.S: I particularly found the third image particularly appealing. To me it is an excellent example of the Transitional trend.

  8. I like to age my new terra cotta by rubbing them with a little yogurt and moss. The look "grows" in a few short weeks. And voila- aged, streaky looking pots at a much less expensive price than buying them in the florist shop! Nice, new blog look, btw, Artie!
    :-) Sue

  9. Ooops in my P.S. -- 'particularly' repetitive. Sorry about that Artie. -Brenda-

  10. Hi Artie, what wonderful insprirational pictures. hugs ~lynne~

  11. I so enjoyed the peek into your fall state of mind. Love the simple terracotta with the feathers and eggs. I think organic items are the most interesting. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a good week. ~ Sarah

  12. I love the warmth that terracotta brings and never miss a chance to bring the outside in!

  13. Okay, I like this... I have tons of them scattered about. I just bought two bags of the green moss. My husband would like this.
    This is not so fussy. Simplicity with color. Eggs and feather just naturally go together. I am thinking of a patridge in a pear tree for Christmas this year.
    That is if we have Christmas this year! Tough economy.
    Good post!

  14. I figured it out... you remind me of Matt Damon... just fyi... it has been bugging me... ya know.
    Jewish and Christian... what a combo...I think they go hand in hand. Yeah! Of course you briefly saw my art...You know I am radical.

  15. hey you weren't impressed with Carol Glasser's ad? haha!!!!