Thursday, October 29, 2009

Experiencing some Technical Difficulties ...

I'm sorry that the 33 days of Casa de la Vanderdogan has been interrupted, but my home computer decided to take a few days off.

I'll be back up and running in a bit, but take some time to look through the past posts! :)


  1. what a pity, but you have lots of goodies to look at ... speedy recovery... Lee

  2. Those home computers - they have minds of their own! :o Trina

  3. I do understand -- our computer got H1N1 -- that was not pleasant -- we now have a new Mac!

  4. Gosh! Good luck fixing your computer! I got a MAC a couple of years ago and love love love it!
    Happy Halloween!
    ~Really Rainey~

  5. That just means that when you return, you'll have twice or three times as much to show us, right (no pressure).

  6. I guess your computer just wanted a break to celebrate Halloween!
    Best wishes until next time, NM.

  7. my mac n me are joined at the hip!!
    no virus here ...I am on a soapbox now, sorry

  8. Works for me...I'm on a short vacation and I've missed reading several posts. I won't have so many to catch up with next week!


  9. I just caught up with the days that I missed -- love the closeup-shots, especially the one of the Irish bells :-) The bright green flowers & leaves look amazing against the brown sofa & orange cushions :-)

    Hope your computer starts cooperating again soon!!


  10. Hi Artie
    Thanks for popping over my way...

    I have to say I think you have become good buddies with your camera looking at the wonderous photo of the cross bottles!!

    Hope the pc perks up soon.. must be Halloween and Ghosts In The Machine!!

    ciao .. Julie

  11. Eesh. I know just what you mean. Yesterday I got attacked by malware and spent the whole afternoon getting rid of it. REALLY annoying! Then I totally cleaned out three closets and my sewing room just ot get rid of the negative energy!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  12. We are only 1/3 of the way thru your home tour and can't wait to continue... we just might have to take up a collection to buy you a new computer!!

  13. do understand -- our computer got H1N1 -- that was not pleasant -- we now have a new Mac! Work from home India


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