Monday, November 23, 2009

A Table for three?

Some of you might have been privy to the giveaway that the delightful Brooke from Velvet & Linen was hosting on her blog. Three (3) Brick Makers tables from the ever inspiring BoBo's Intriguing Objects and Mark Sage.

The top 10 are posted, and although I didn't make the ranking, I am asking each of you reading to do to click on this LINK and vote for my good friend Gary P. The voting reel is on the right side bar! Many of you know Gary from the blog as GinCT. We were lucky enough to take a tour of his Connecticut Farmhouse HERE.

Gary has amazing taste, and uses interesting objects to jazz up interiors completely throughout his beautiful home. Remember the bathroom he remodeled with the stone sink and table base?

Yes, Gary is a visionary, and I for one am excited beyond measure to see what he'll do with the BoBo table.


  1. I'm on my way. I have no idea what a BoBo table is...but, I guess I'll find out!


  2. Artie, what a great guy you are for doing this. Having come from my first place being a rented trailer, I am very humbled by all of this. I posted at Brooke's Velvet & Linen about the house being all I could afford when I bought it 22 years ago as it had missing roof, falling plaster, broken windows and full of animals, tractor tires and fifty-five gallon drums. The house and I are smiling as we have already won by just being in the final ten. Thanks again Buddy!

    G in CT (Gary P)

  3. Headed over there right now. Happy Holidays to you~ Sarah

  4. I'm cracking up because I just left V&L and had voted for G in CT! What a talent. Best of luck, Gary!

  5. going over there! You are sweet for doing this. Oh, and I love that sink!

  6. Artie, I voted for Gary! I loved his space, but that round skirted table needed to be changed I hope he wins!