Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December to Remember Day 9: A Little Questionnaire

I was surprised to get this short 5 part questionnaire this morning in my email, not because I don't get things like this on occasion, but because it was sent by 4 different people.

So, due to some car issues and my inability to post a Day 8 post to the CdlV December to Remember, I thought I'd buy myself some time - and share with you the questions and answers:

1. Something I don't know about you:
I have an aquarium. Yes, an aquarium, and I'm a bit of an aquarium nerd actually. I started keeping aquariums when I was young but really got into the art of it when I graduated from high school, and needed something to occupy those nights of dorm boredom. After some time away from them, I recently got suckered into another one, by Scott, who knew that they make me intensely happy. It's a peaceful sort, with live plants, and probably too many fish now that they've started to create their own little families. If anyone lives in the area and would like to take a few female sunrise swordtails off my hands ... that'd be awesome!

2. Your idea of the perfect vacation:
Anytime that I can get away from the house and the chores that exist there - I consider that a vacation. It's not often that I get to take a "vacation" however, so when I yearn for one, it's often a trip with Scott to somewhere new where we can admire the architecture of the area or region, dine on really great food, and shop - for home decor, of course!

3. Current projects:
Well, I have finished the Christmas decor at CdlV, so my project list is empty - aside from a few candles I've agreed to wrap with birch paper for my friend Melisa. I suppose my next big adventure will be the dining room. For so long, it's felt after-thought to me, and it's time it has a little life. I bought what I think will be perfect fabric for drapes - and now it's just time to figure out what type of drapery to use. Though Scott is against it, I'm leaning toward a pelmet, or a cornice ... maybe a box pleated valance ... someone squeeze my traditional hand - please!

4. Any 2009 Regrets?
Oh, I'm sure that there are several, but I try not to remember them. I can tell you that I hope that in 2010, I'll spend far less money on throw pillows and bedding.

5. Your New Years Wish:
World Peace. And as flighty as that sounds, I have too many friends who have lost their family members and their children to this war. I wish that we learn to combat hate with love, and that people spend time making memories with people and things that are important to them, instead of keeping people from making memories with people who are important to them. And lastly, certainly least, a Snuggie.


  1. A snuggie, indeed!

    Wonderful diversion, sir...It was interesting to hear about these things...beautiful aquarium BTW...

    But ON to the pics...

    Sound like a Slave driver, eh?

    love ya!

  2. Well, I feel like I know you now! Also, listened to your playlist. Great taste in music BTW.
    So I'm squeezing your traditional hand to go ahead and make that valance. Drapes would also be nice with a smocked header. . . . But regretting spending money on bedding? Really? That would be hard for me! --Delores

  3. A snuggie!

    Interesting diversion -- DID NOT know about your aquarium -- grew up with one and they are interesting and can be completely mezmerizing.

  4. World peace and a Snuggie. Heeheeheeeeeeeeee

    Justine :O )

  5. Artie,

    We've had several aquariums over the years. Of course they started out being one of our son's, but like most things, they became my responsibily. I can only count my blessings that we didn't end up with the snake.

    We have a fish pond, which I love, the Koi have grown so large, that I think we need to enlarge the pond. I have names for each fish. I'm such a sucker for most animals, except for that snake.:(

    I think a lot of us have the same feelings as you do about Christmas this year. I send a Christmas letter, to those I'm not in everyday contact with, mostly thru email.However, this year I sent a copy of an email poem I received and instead of having our cards printed, we sent that money to FEED THE CHILDREN.

    My heart goes out to all of those families that have a loved one fighting for freedom and peace around the world.And of course to all the service men and women serving.



  6. Where have you been all my life? I ADORE your style! I'm off to snoop through the rest of your blog...

    PS - I've been begging for a Snuggie for a long time :) Maybe this will be the year Santa finally brings one.

  7. It is nice to get to know you better! Interesting answers.


  8. Your aquarium is so beautiful. I love the plants and wood. Can I beg an informative post on creating a beautiful plant heavy aquarium with more pics or links to reputable how-tos?
    Also I'm feeling you on the pelmet or cornice now too.

  9. I love all of them, especially the one about World Peace...I'm so against this new surge and disappointed as well...sigh...maybe a Snuggie will make it all go away?

    Take care and Happy New Year, my friend!