Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Progress ... So sweet!

It is rare, very rare, to find a home of a certain age untouched. Our house was built in 1923, a mere 87 years ago, and between then and now, there have been 7 owners. The builders, a couple who never had children, lived in the home as they built it for 20 years, before selling it to another woman the neighborhood knew fondly as Kay, who lived in the house for another 30 years. It was after these lengthy respites here in the warm confines of what is now CdlV, that a series of short stays occurred, and in those short stays, what I like to call "short repairs" were made.

In 2000, the house was sold to a DIYer who had very little discretion about the types of repairs he made to the place. An intended flip, he started in the kitchen and worked his way upstairs to the bathroom, which he might have spent $300 remodeling. A "short repair". The changes included tear and press wallpaper, an ugly vanity with cultured marble top, and the most rediculous tile pattern in the most offensive beige tones I've ever seen. Yes, it was ugly. But not only was it ugly, it was poorly installed. The shower pan (a quick remedy for an old tub) leaked, causing ceiling damage to the kitchen below; the tile around that pan was crooked, and the vanity cabinet not centered on the wall.

In our many reviews of how to change that bathroom from horrendous to stupendous, we never paid close attention to the sink. That was until yesterday. Upon further inspection, I found that the plumbing is actually centered on the wall. In DIYer's attempt to create more storage, he moved the plumbing with a flexable elbow (read: COMPLETELY REVERSABLE) so to avoid covering the existing heat register! Very exciting news for 2 reasons. 1) I can adjust my budget in my favor - always a plus, and 2) we can get a pedistal sink. Now, I wouldn't think of a pedistal sink unless we had storage, and we do. We're lucky enough to have a full-size closet in the space. (And I have plans for that too, which is oh so fabulous, but for a different post.) So now, we can keep the room open and fresh looking, and cut the budget for a sink in 1/2 by nixing a vanity cabinet. (Angels sing triumphantly: LA LA LA LA !!!!)

Oh, but yes, this post was about progress, right? And progress pictures you shall see. Here's the space where the tub went with the tub still in its box:

And here's the after: the plumbing was moved to accommodate the new faucets and the new drain placement for the tub, and the tub was fit into place.

He did such a great job piecing it back together, and the best part - NO LEAKS! So at this point the tile needs to be put around the tub, the walls have to be sanded and replastered, then sanded again before they can be painted, and then the sink vanity has to be ... well suffice to say we're not even 1/2 finished ... but it's progress still.

I took some of the tile we'll be using for the floor, along with a burlap drape and knotted wool rug to get an idea of the finished product.

What do we think?


  1. We like! Can't wait to see it finished with the new sink...I love pedestals!

  2. I think this is totally exciting and can't wait for future installments!

  3. We LOVE it! I thought only I did things like that-my husband thought I was insane holding up drapery panels in a room with no drywall :)

  4. Any progress is good and saving money is great! I can't wait to see the next post!


  5. We think it is bea-u-teous! What a lucky find in the vanity move. More cash to spend on the other stuff!

  6. Nice Artie!
    I love the newly reno'd look for the bath, very dashing!

  7. Looks like it will be beautiful. Bathrooms are such hard work but completely worth it. I think it's neat that you know some history of your home. Did you go to the town municipal building to find the info or did neighbors share with you? We know the recent history of our home but I'd love to know who the first owners were. Have fun with your bath!

  8. That it will be stunning when it is all done! Can't wait!

  9. It is going to be L-O-V-I-L-E-E!

    (Hoping you include specs on your plumbing fixtures in a future post. PRETTY PLEASE.)

  10. We think it's going to be dreamy! I love to see you weaving your magic. I know it sounds crazy, but I love that exposed wood wall! It looks great with all the ingredients in your vignette! A little boat lacquer and ... LOL
    xo Isa

  11. Some undertaking.

    Can't wait to see finished job,
    Been there Done that.

    Hang in there. It is exciting
    isn't it..


  12. I too have lived in an old house that never had any remodeling. I now live in a 1960's house that had some remodeling, probably in the 80's. We put in a new kitchen and updated the bath. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  13. I can't wait to see it all together/done~! I love the vibrant rug against the classic B&W tile!
    Hugs, Lana

  14. I can't wait to see the end result.

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