Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

You know, as a child growing up in the mid-90's, I thought what will 2010 hold? Ok, well - maybe I wasn't that concerned with it ... but I do remember thinking I'd have a flying car, and a cell phone that would allow me to call the person driving in front of me simply by keying in their license plate number ... now how fun would that be?

"Excuse me, could you drive a little faster than 15MPH? I'm in a hurry to buy my flying car!"

But, we still don't have flying cars, and as far as I know the only way you can dial the person driving in front of you is if you are lucky enough to have their telephone number in your directory. Yes, things are far different than my young mind imagined them, but still 2010 is here and it's time to embrace it for all it's worth. If I learned one thing from 2009, it's that you get very little done while dreaming. So, I took some initiative, and what was this:

Became this:
And then this:

I'm working on putting the foyer back together, but wanted to check in with all of you and wish you the happiest start to 2010! How did you spend the first day?


  1. I spent the day taking down my Christmas decorations, leaving up just the ones that were wintery. Dusting, running the sweeper and doing the wash. And, doing some organizing in my closets before putting the stuff away. Happy New Year to you. Hope this new year is all that you want it to be.

  2. We must be close in age. I always thought we'd have flying cars by now too. ;)

    My house is looking like that last photo. I spent this afternoon taking the "big" tree's ornaments down. Boo hoo! :(

    I'm ready for a fresh look in my house, but I will miss my Christmas stuff....

  3. Funny post! Hahaha.. yer so cute... Ok I spent my first day of the year LAZY and dreaming of what I am going to accomplish this new year... I should have been doing what you did tho... cause I am so ready for my house to get back to normal... oh gosh... there is no such thing as normal here what am I thinking! Oh And I love this Michael Buble song... Lost... I sing it with my granddaughter when we are alone... she's 5, almost 6...hehehe... we sing it loud and have so much fun! Anyway... I have really enjoyed reading your blog... its been a year now... I actually found your blog with a google search a long time ago when I was looking for ideas for an outdoor party! I look forward to the coming year of inspiration and fun!

    I'm having a little New Years giveaway too... stop by and enter when you have a minute...


  4. I spent the first day (01-01-10) antiquing or rather junking. It was wonderful! Rainy day spent hunting for treasures! Happy New Year. --Delores

  5. this cracked me up = too funny, hurry up i need to go buy my flying car!!!

    and then...sad. goodbye beautiful tree!!!!! looks like my sister in law's with all the plastic containers!!!

    have a wonderful 2010!!!!!

  6. I have not taken down even one decoration. I'm LAZY! And btw... your handwriting is beautiful.

    Justine :o )

  7. Thanks for your nice comment. I'm really loving your Christmas tree!! You're so organized-please come to my home and help take down all my Christmas decorations : )
    Happy New Year

  8. Watching too much football! Making ground turkey/spaghetti sauce, bread pudding with an Italian Panetone. Back to reality today.

  9. So sad. I'm still enjoying my tree. Yours was amazing!
    Wishing you a fab new year.

  10. Thank you for visiting me...I adore your Christmas tree..or what was your Christmas tree..the colours were amazing. My Christmas is all packed away as well. I love a New Year with new beginnings and a fresh clean home to start dreaming of new ideas to add. Wishing you a blessed 2010...and so happy to meet you.

  11. A Happy New Year Artie. I hate science fiction but was pulled to the movies to see AVATAR. I LOVED it and highly recommend it to all. As a grown man I was a bit embarrassed that I thought I was going to burst out crying at one point. I will see it again. Here's to our gardens waiting with anticipation under the snows for us this spring. Health, happiness and blooms in 2010!
    G in CT

  12. Cute post Artie, Like you I've been working on dismantling the Christmas.. One tree left and it's a done deal for the year 2009.. Happy New Year to you and yours..
    hugs ~lynne~

  13. Happy New Year to you and Scott!!

  14. Cute, cute, cute but you are a cutie anyways. :)

    I still have my decorations up as spent most of New Years Day and today reading Manuals on "How To's" for a few of my Christmas Gifts. (Wii Sports, Wii Fit.Plus, and an I-Pod plus a full Audio System...from my children.) Okay, I admit I did try them out, reason why my decs are still up! Boxing (and not the type you were doing) can take a lot out of you at my age. SMILES -Brenda-

  15. I've been packing up the decorations also. Just not enough hours in the day lately! And back to work I go tomorrow. I'm having TOO MUCH FUN for this 2 weeks off to end. Although I haven't blogged as much is FULL and grand! I'm just amazed that we HAVE cell phones these days. Who'd a thunk it? ;-)

  16. Happy New Year! Watch for something in the mail, say in 5 to 7 days! cheers, -susan

  17. No flying cars yet, but didn't we all love the Jetsons!?

    I loved your tree this year, Artie, just outstanding. All mine is packed away for another year too. Happy New Year!

  18. Happy New Year! Are you ever ORGANIZED!! Wish I had that same drive :)

  19. Happy New Year Artie!
    We all thought we would have flying cars by now, or at least jet packs. Maybe in 2020?
    I hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you Artie.


  20. Artie~ It's hard to believe all that "MAGIC"is tied up so neatly in a few boxes.
    Until next year... when you pull the next rabbit or feather out of your cap. I look forward to it with bated breath.

    Sweet wishes,