Friday, February 26, 2010

Simple Steve

My friend Melisa emailed me today and said, "Why can't you be Simple Steve instead of Debbie Downer?" I laughed out loud.

And then I thought - she's right. There are simple solutions to every problem, and the solution to my "problem" was to simply close the door last night and leave it alone. This morning I walked in and to my surprise, it was not the disaster I thought it would be. I took some time with the laser level, and perhaps it was the angle I was sitting last night, or the long day I had before laying the tile, but I had no real problems.

So, sorry for the venting, but thank you for the warm compliments and gentle shoves to keep going. It's going to look great!


  1. See, Artie- aren't you glad you have us??
    Simple Steve- I love it!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Well you know what Scarlett says " Tomorrow is another day".......
    it always looks better in the morning light!
    Have a good weekend, too much work makes Artie all work and no play ( fun ).
    Enjoy the weekend,

  3. Friends are supposed to listen to us vent, aren't they? We do it all the time at school and then we all feel better. Blame it on the weather, if you want to! I'm sure where you are there are changes in the barometer! Thanks for sharing...I'll listen anytime. And then let it go, as one wise young lady said about problems. The amazing this is she's only 12 years old! Relax a little more this weekend and then get busy!

  4. Hi Artie,
    Did I hear you say you hate the tiles! Oh no my friend, what you have done so far is amazing and I love the floor tiles. What a job, been there, but when it's done you will be so glad. Sometimes you have just got to step away.

    Chin up!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  5. Venting can make for interesting reading...we can all relate!

  6. I think 'stepping away', as Arisha said, is the key. Things feel and look different in the morning.


  7. Sometimes, you just have to close the door and revisit the next morning. It is going to look fabulous! My girlfriend who isn't a blogger is following your remodeling process as she is going to redo her bath soon. She loves what you are doing and is getting inspiration from your project.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Good luck with your project! We are thinking about DIY with putting wooden floors down! Not sure we should, quite a project!


  9. So positive thinking made your floor level? LOL

    Justine :o )

  10. Hey Artie sweetie, so glad you are forging ahead. It is going to be FABULOUS!!!!! Can relate to a point as laying Patio stones can be a challenge....and they are much heavier. SMILES 'n HUGS
    P.S: Left a comment on your 'Bathroom Seating' post.

  11. I was very grateful for your honesty. I have said the exact same words myself! With the amount of planning and work envolved, it should be perfect, right? Or, at least, far more spectacular. (rehab meltdown) From my view, your floor does look spectacular. Just wait...when you get all your decor in place in your'll be WOW! You'll love entering this personal space every day!

  12. I crown you "The Human Artie" ....

  13. That is great looking, very smart
    i do like the tiles and you gave me an idea for my bath..Yhank you


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