Thursday, March 4, 2010

Human Error

Have you ever changed the "swing" of a door? Let me explain.

When we moved into CdlV, the door to the bathroom opened to the right, giving the door an almost 1/2 circle swing before ending up on the only wall open for art, furniture, towel bars, etc.. I knew that we were going to have to change that, after all, if the door stayed as it was, where would I put my table for every day luxuries and a glass of wine while soaking, hmmmm?

So, I figured it would be an easy enough task to do myself. WRONG! I mean, I did do it myself, but it wasn't easy. No ma'am, no sir! It was probably the most contemplative of all the renovation moves. After 5 tries, I finally realized the hinges were on wrong and the door began to work - and close - but not level. So once again, off came the door, and then confused looks turned into hate glares magnified by the steam coming from my ears! Unfortunately, because it is the door, I can't close it and come back tomorrow. Good news is - the wainscot is finished, and I chose the wainscot color tonight: Bleached Linen. A gorgeous white with a healthy honey undertone.

Obviously - since I needed a break, here's a few more inspiration photos that have calmed my nerves. Here's hoping they'll do the same for you!



  1. We loathe taking the doors off and on. It isn't that easy and then to switch the swing, ugh, I can only imagine! Wainscot sounds lovely! Trina

  2. That top vanity is what I'm looking for...not sure if I want white or dark wood. All of these pictures have been a big help to me!

  3. Yes, and I have also taken doors off completely. ex: a master bath where it is already very private.
    Art by Karena

  4. Artie, thanks to you, I've renewed my love affair with console sinks-s-i-g-h... Now if I had my way I'd replace the two vanities in my bath with two consoles
    The door swing. Those are the issues I leave to Ray. And if you want to avoid much angst with future projects, just shoot me an email when these issues arise. He can explain what to do and you and I can return to daydreams of wine and soaking. Another s-i-g-h... Can't wait to see it all put together
    Blogger finally got fixed- thanks for your help!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Oh, I just love a sink with legs !

  6. I am thinking you should be HOLDING that glass of wine up to your mouth and chugging....this renovation is going to make you CRAZZZY!!

    Would love your decorating opinion over at Pandora's Box about where I should hang a clock - thanks

  7. Oh, I really cannot wait to see it!
    Your inspiration pictures are MY inspiration :)