Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well, the chargers are still missing in action, even after the all hours search that ensued yesterday into the wee hours of the morning. For the life of me, I can not figure out where they've disappeared to ... and here, I have two perfectly good cameras all dressed up with no where to go.

I did have a change to unveil the bathroom, in it's unfinished state, to a few neighbors who read the blog and have been following along with the progress ... and it made me think, I should be catching up all of you who have been following along but haven't had the opportunity to walk across the street and ask to see it.

So, I vow, that if I can't find my camera chargers tomorrow, that I will get a camera and take progress pictures so you all can see where we are - and how much work we've poured into it. It's not a before/after situation - but it's certainly more of an "after" than I could have shown you before. Keep your fingers crossed for a safe recovery of the chargers at play - and I'll touch base again tomorrow.


  1. Hi there! I hope you didn't accidentally throw them out with trash .... I did just that once many years ago. But it wasn't chargers, it was car keys! Keeping my fingers crossed they turn up BECAUSE we NEED photos!

  2. Artie, you sound exactly like me! I lost my whole darn camera after our last project! I swear Ray closed it up in the walls!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. It must be maddening. Can you just buy new chargers? (If they turn up, there is nothing like a spare!)

  4. How frustrating! I think most of us can relate.

    (Please bear with me....Years ago, I gave my Mother a gift certificate of a very substantial value and after Xmas she searched high a low for it and was convinced she must had thrown it out with the paper. She was so upset and distraught. Making a long story short -- I was convinced she had not and continuously kept saying; "I see it with linen, it is under linen". She thought I was daft but humoured me and looked in the most obvious places, flipping over sofa 'n toss cushions etc. but to no avail. She never found it, but fortunately I had the sales receipt and an arrangement was made with the store to honour it. (Not end of story.)

    It is now two years later ..... and would you believe one day I receive a telephone call from her, announcing to her dismay and excitement she had found it in the LINEN closet (yes) 'between' a set of bedding she rarely used. That's THE TRUTH!)

    So my dear Artie, do not give up on the search! Your 'chargers' are just in an unlikely place. Think outside the box. You might even want to check your Linen Closet.
    SMILES & Hugs -Brenda-

  5. The Gnomes have them.

    Oh, how frustrating it must be. I also can't wait to see pictures.

  6. How the heck did you lose your chargers?

    Justine :o )

  7. You're doing good work! Have enjoyed your day-by-day adventures. BTW, the first picture of the marble bathroom in your previous post is exactly like what my next-door neighbors have done. Disposable batteries may be needed until you find your chargers.