Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tickity Tockity, the fury of a Timeline

Once upon a time, in a modest bungalow perched steps from the gorge of the Niagara River, on a short street with a lovely median filled with flowers and lampposts, lived a design savvy young man on a mission to complete a bathroom renovation on a budget and on a timeline; neither of them realistic ...

Yep, same story, different place. What started as a repair of necessity has become a floor to ceiling remodel that encompasses many of our wants as well as the needs. What we hoped to bring in under budget and within the timeline we set, is teetering ever so closely to the brink of going over budget, and has already jumped the rail of that timeline train weeks ago! But we're nearing ever so closely to having a finished product we can be very proud of .

Today, the electrician was here to install the sconces on either side of the still MIA mirror, move the electric outlet to a place that's less obvious, and install switches to operate the lights - on the wall, in the ceiling, and the exhaust fan. If you live in an old house, chances are you've had your fair share of dark nights and some days in rooms that have no overhead fixture. Our second floor has two overhead fixtures, one in the hall, one in the master bedroom. The rest of the rooms are lit with sconces turned on and off at the fixture. We wanted to have overhead lighting in the bathroom, a much needed exhaust fan, and sconces - all operable by switches. Now that part of that is complete, it's like walking on air! It's the simple things that give us the most joy afterall, I suppose.

So what's left? Well, MORE wainscoting for one. Because the bulk of the electrical work needed to be done on the sink wall - I had to leave it free of finished woodwork until the boxes were installed. The sink and faucet need to be installed, our light fixtures are scheduled to leave the warehouse today, and the paint color still needs to be chosen! The floor could use another good cleaning before sealing the grout, and the baseboards have to be installed. Yes, it's a ball of fun here at Casa de la Vanderdogan, and it's a darn good thing our house isn't closer to the gorge of the Niagara River ... I might have jumped days ago!

It's always the last leg of any project that costs the most and takes the longest - so although it's no surprise - I'm counting the minutes til it's complete! Til' then - please, share your top colors for bathrooms! Do you have a great color you'll never change? I want to hear about it!