Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rain, Rain - Go away. Please!

So I know the rhyme: "April showers bring May flowers" - but I far prefer the 80+ degree rain-free days we experienced at the beginning of April 2010. After a short and wet summer, colorless fall, and long and boring winter, the warmth and sunshine was a welcomed distraction.

Today, this whole week really, has been a swift shift though; to dismal and looming grey clouds, the reverberating roar of thunder, and rain. Never. Ending. Rain.


  1. We're supposed to get massive thunderstorms this afternoon, Artie. It's been sunny and in the 90s, but outdoors is NOT a pleasant place to be during pine pollen season in the South- unless you're into the slimey yellow- green look :(
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Can you send the rain to Virginia? The pollen here is unbearable and SO ugly. I'd love to have some showers to wash it all away. Then I can enjoy my deck!! Hoping it comes my way!

  3. Rain, rain go away..... Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the Spring wreath! Please share yours with everyone if you choose to make it

  4. I'm with you Kid. I am sick of rain and there is so much to do outside. Maine had a week of beautiful sun and this week is


  5. Just about 2.5 hours east of you, here in Syracuse, it's been raining..pretty much at night. So far so good! Tonight they are saying severe T-storms and hail....and tomorrow...much cooler...only 46! it's 83*...and the leaves are on the trees about a month feels like the end of May..I can't complain.......:-)

  6. We have storms in the forecast for next week and then they will be heading eastward...doesn't that make you happy!

  7. I'm so sorry your weather has been awful. We have had a full week of glorious weather: high 80's all week but the pollen IS awful. Tonight we get storms overnight and MUCH cooler weather but I have LOVED our preview of summer. Got ALOT done outside EARLY!!!:):) XO, Pinky

  8. ...Oh...but just you wait to see those magnanomous spring blooms.

    It will be Soooooo worth it.

    Trust me.

    We have the opposite...dry dry dry. Tropical killin' dry.

    Hang in.

  9. Artie~ the only relief the rain brings to our PNW is from the pollen.
    I think we are all longing for warmer temps and the pollen free out doors. Here's to sunshine and basking in the sunshine with a warm breeze.

    Sweet wishes,

  10. Rain is fine for a day or two, but then I am ready for some sunshine. Love that piece in your previous post and how you accessorized it! I especially love how you placed the beautiful fern in front.

  11. We have had a lot of rain in Maine. This week is going to be nice so we can garden.