Sunday, April 25, 2010

Transom Quest ...

Having grown up in the south, I'm quite fond of the transom window. Transom windows, though not exclusively southern, are a preferred option in warmer climates, especially in homes without air-conditioning. Functionally, their ability to allow rising hot air to escape keeps rooms much cooler, and the cross ventilation among rooms sharing a hallway keep air in any area of the house from being stale, while affording that room privacy. Aesthetically, they're quite beautiful.

A transom is the term given to the crosspiece separating a door or window from a window, fanlight, shutter, or decorative moulding above it. It's a word that most American architects use, but if you're ever looking for inspiration photos, try fanlight or overlight, as that's how they typically are referenced in European design.

Sadly, there are no transom windows in CdlV. And if I asked Scott to have them installed, he'd inevitable talk me out of it, suggesting that the house doesn't have the architectural significance needed to support transom windows ... blah, blah, blah.

What does he know anyway? Right! But there are other ways of getting what you want ... especially when you're driven by curtains. Weird, I know. Let me explain:

I'm re-vamping, re-working, re-designing/decorating the dining room. The reds and oranges from the curtains and seat cushions in that room were really starting to wear on my vision for the rest of the house. So, I went out in search of drapes, and found the perfect option - but the 95" length were back ordered until July! As many of you already know - that wasn't for Artie - I don't wait well! So I ordered the 108" and resolved to move the rod to just below the crown moulding, leaving that awkward 12" space between the top of my window trim/moulding and the bottom of the crown.

Joni, at CotedeTexas had a solution for that space in her house! She brought the bamboo roman shades up to the point of her curtain rod - giving you the idea that the window was ceiling height. Isn't she brilliant?

The double bank of windows in my dining room are not as easy. I'd have to remove part of the moulding to make this work, and have one long blind (72") instead of two. So, with my love of transoms ... I began to think outside the box (Coloring Outside the Lines) and came up with an idea. An idea that might fail ... but you never know without trying!

Come back on Monday to find out how it turned out ... and just exactly what I had cooked up in my crazy brain!



  1. Artie -- I know it will be wonderful!!!!! And what a great solution to a problem!

  2. Hi Artie! I have faith in you and I'll bet your idea will work! Love seeing your wonderfulness on Facebook. You're a very talented young man!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I LOVE transoms! And I can't wait to see your idea- I'll probably steal it!

  4. Gorgeous inspiration pics. And yes, I love transom windows too! I have a few in my home which I adore.

  5. Artie,
    I wish I had a couple of those transom windows! I did a similar thing in my livingroom. My 2 wondows are close together but hang low (my house is pretty old) and about 1.5ft below the ceiling height. About a year ago I hung the curtain rod high...made a linen panel for both sides and another in the middle (to cover the wall between the windows) and re-hung my stick blinds high. It works! The windows look way bigger than they actually are and I get more sunlight because I can leave the blinds open to the top of the windows.
    Can't wait to see your pictures! **Tami

  6. I can't believe you are going to make us ** WAIT ** for evidence of your brilliant talent! Love the ideas you so generously pass along to all of us ~ both yours and others.

  7. Artie~~

    I love transom windows, too and wish I had them. Abd I can't wait to see what you are up to.

    I am having a giveaway, too if you want to stop by!