Thursday, June 17, 2010

Running on Empty

Yes, it's true. I'm running on empty. My creative flow is blocked and I'm not sure what has created the dam. Regretfully, it's made me take a back seat to this blog for the past week or so, all the while hoping that eventually it'll pass and I'll hop right back into the ole' saddle and giddy on up! But ... it's been a week, and I'm still falling deeper and deeper into this empty space. So, naturally, I began to think about the things that inspire me. I pulled out all of my design books and newest magazines, even some of my old standbys. Still, nothing quite got me over the hump.

But that all changed last night, and I could barely contain myself - which made it very hard to sleep. I wrote this post 4-times over, so quickly that the spelling and grammar errors were atrocious! It had been so long since I was moved so strongly to create, I couldn't wait to share it with all of you. So, for this post, we're suspending time, and creating our own reality - as it's the only way this will work, and all of this new found inspiration and all of this work would otherwise be seen as premature.

*The Story*

There is a house that sits almost directly behind my house on a neighboring street. For years I've seen people come and go, and the house take a turn for the worse - all the while crying out "Notice Me! I'm Lovely!" A 2 1/2-story Traditional brick 4-bay Queen Anne, with a full width front porch. The research I did tells me it was built in 1913, it has 4 bedrooms, and 1 bath, and our stealth window peeking mission last night gave me this layout:

Now, I know you're wanting pictures of the place, right? Well - that's where the suspending time and make believe come into play. The house isn't for sale. YET! It is vacant ... you didn't think I'd peer into the windows of a house someone was living in right? Apparently the house belongs to someone who is no longer in the country, and it letting it and several other properties fall into foreclosure. Sad - but if I can hold on long enough and hope for the best ... this might just end up being the NEW CdlV!

Peering through the windows like some house obsessed stalker ... hmmm ... maybe I am? ... anyway, I noticed that there is wallpaper existing in the foyer. It's not attractive, but makes it even easier to put wallpaper back in its place. The woodwork has all been painted white, which I love, Scott hates. The staircase is magical - very grand, and the walls that are not papered are panelled with what looked to be recessed painted oak. Now, I'm not talking about your home depot paneling. No, this is the genuine article. Large format 18x18 skillfully executed panelling that you'd expect for a mansion 3x the size! The hardwood floors are stunning - certainly worn, but stunning.

I'm in the middle of creating a plan for the "new" decor, which I'll share with everyone tomorrow. With the already painted white woodwork it opens up a wealth of opportunity for design and decor. So stay tuned ... and forgive me for keeping you in the lurch this long. Now that I'm back on track - we'll have lots to discuss, and lots of the current CDLV to see.


  1. Artie -- it sounds grand! Will you make the move?

  2. Arent you a blogger on Design Star, doesn't that excite you?

  3. Artie! I am so glad I decided to check my favorite bloggers today! I am going to piggy-back onto your enthusiasm and take the journey with you! Go Artie Go!

  4. I think I'll hitch a ride too!

  5. So glad you are back. Enjoy the fun ride.

  6. Holy Smokes Artie! That would certainly get my creative block undone! How about some pics? :-)

  7. Holy guacamole! It's a huge guest house! hahaha! I'll be right over!!
    But seriously, I can't wait to see how this venture unfolds!

  8. Have you ever put a smile on my face today. I was walking around a project that I did not want to get my hands into so I decided to take a break and see if you were back (I actually feared you had taken off to Istanbul for good). You have a true gift of motivating enthusiasm in others. Seeing a book and/or tv show in your future would not be out of the question...I'm dead've got that 'it' quality. Case in point: I showed my husband your backyard 'eyesore spot to pergola' transformation a few weeks ago and immediately he started and finished a long overdue project...and was completely absorbed and excited about it. No One...male or female has ever had that affect on him before. I was gobsmacked! (thanks, by the way)

    Can hardly wait for pictures and your inspirations. Will be keeping fingers and toes crossed that you win the auction bid! Now I've got a project to get to...