Friday, July 30, 2010

A bit of Now and Then

It has been positively miserable in WNY for the past couple of weeks. Temperatures have been in the 90's with 90+ % humidity, giving that sauna effect that I know we all love so much. Now, I grew up in Texas, and it's not like me to complain about the heat, but when last night temperatures dipped back into the 60's, it was refreshing, and gave me a taste of the autumn to come. That lead me to this gorgeous patio - tastefully set for autumn, while still enjoying the outside. Ah, bliss.

What's your bliss, today?


  1. If I didn't know how much you and Scott loved your little part of the world, I would invite you to live in Bend! 40+ degree temp differences every day now (low's down into 30's some nights) all windows and doors wide open ... low, I mean low, humidity ... no extremes to speak of. And I should know after having been raised in the St. Louis area and living in Orlando!

    Stay cool!

  2. Iced Tea with LOTS of ice!!

    Happy weekend to you!


  3. Artie during the course of this past year, you and 'we' (in the Ottawa Valley)appear to be sharing the same weather.

    We too have finally had a break from the humidity so today I stepped away from BBQ and fired up the oven. My bliss ..... it is fresh Berry season in our Province! Just finished making two French Apple Pies, two Raspeberry ones and a home made Carrot Cake with a wicked Cream Cheese frosting. I blame Angelo Surmelis for the latter due to his last post on his Blog. I call it 'power of suggestion'! :)
    P.S: FYI -- I had to sign in as anon as your blog wud not accept my google i.d. Just mentioning it in event you have few comments.

  4. I've had serious computer issues all week...I killed my modem (read today's blog if you want a good laugh) and then my hard drive crashed. My bliss today is the new laptop I bought last night!

  5. No bliss for me today, getting ready for visitors on Monday for the week. I'm just happy that the humidity is lower, if you consider that bliss, then I'm blissful. ;) enjoy your weekend.


  6. Hi Artie! I hear ya on the weather...I can't remember such a HOT/HUMID summer with no breaks. Usually, we get a few HH days and then a couple of cooler, tolerable days. Just too hot to do much this summer!

    My bliss is FINALLY getting my diningroom repainted. I painted it a couple weeks ago, but the upper white part was TOO white. I remixed myself and now have a much warmer white thankyouverymuch! :-) Another bit of bliss is knowing I don't have to get up at 5:15 the next 2 days!
    Happy WEEKEND!