Monday, August 23, 2010

Design Star Final Thoughts

Firstly, could they be any more dramatic? Large lights panning the building, the skyline, the sad movie music? Here we start to see that Survivor/Apprentice direction - and I have to tell you, it was a little hokey. I'm just sayin'!

Secondly, we're down to the final two. My favorite, Emily and Michael, who is wonderfully talented. It's bound to be a good finale - filled with inspiration, right?

The Challenge:

Film a segment of their proposed show while redesigning a basic 1-bedroom NYC apartment for $15,000.

The Teams:

Michael's Team: Michael, Courtland, Nina, Trent, Tara, Julie
Emily's Team: Emily, Dan, Casey, Stacy, Tom, Alex

The twist, one of the eliminated contestants has to serve as the "client" in the space.

Michael's "client": Nina
Emily's "client": first Dan then Tom. Did she get into my head or what? Tom and Emily - how could she not win?

The Rooms:

Michael's redo: Pretty good. With Nina as his Client, Michael created some interesting moments in the space. His presentation: Fabulous! He was clearly exhausted, but somehow he really turned it out for the camera and did a great job introducing his idea and the space. I feared for Emily for a minute. Until ...

We get this. Umm, GORGEOUS!? There's a wonderful quality to this space, and you can tell that her background as a stylist not only helps her create lovely spaces like these and the one from last week, but also helps stretch a budget to the max. Does this look like a $15,000 room? And you can't even see all of it. Then her presentation: pretty good. Honestly, I have to say that Michael did a better job on camera. So my knuckles are white, fingers crossed. I am saying a little prayer to the Design Gods ... "Please pick Emily, Please pick Emily ... " did they listen?

OF COURSE!!! And her new show, Secrets from a Stylist is going to be one of my favorites, I can just tell! If you haven't already found it - check out her blog here: (thanks tami)


  1. Thanks! I am going to check that blog out! Both rooms are gorgeous though, aren't they? And Michael is a handsome looking guy...I'll bet they had a hard time deciding who the winner would be. Diana

    ps...just to tell you-I love your blog and I am so in tune with the music that is playing right now- Jar Of Hearts- loving it!

  2. I love the "pinstripes" on the wall...and I was happy that she explained how to do it so that paint would sneak under the tape!! I was also cheering that she picked Tom...and I just LOVED how Michael put Nina in her spot at the beginning of the show!...the spotlights on the building were a bit hokey - I agree!

  3. I usually TIVO the show ... but last night I watched until the end.

    EMILY Rocks! She had to win .....

  4. I love your blog!!! It's enticing, interesting, engaging, fun, and I love hanging out here. Thanks for the update, I missed the show and I think I erased the DVR!!

  5. Emily hit Tom's style perfectly! Loved the pinstripe.

  6. Love Emily, but I was a little sad about Michael. I still think he as more "on air" personality and I loved his show concept. Maybe we haven't seen the last of him. I am just glad it was a good year!

  7. Artie...
    I LOVED Emily's design! Not my style, but totally Tom's. She really hit the nail on the head and whew! brilliant idea to switch her 'client'. I think Tom was a better pick. And...he was a better client to pick to illustrate her show concept.
    Did the designers pick there own show concepts in past years? I didn't think they did...hmmm.
    Hh, wonder what happened to the girl who won the year before last? Don't mind me...just

  8. I can't believe I missed the finale! I thought Emily would win. Mainly because she is a woman and they ahve had several men. I do love her style but I loved Michael too! I can't wait to see the new show! XO, Pinky

  9. I couldn't help but giggle as I read your Design Star review "little hokey." I couldn't agree more. However, it was so exciting to see who was going to win. I honestly was torn between the two. However, once I saw that fabulous blue room I couldn't help but cheer on Emily. I mean, it's gorgeous!

  10. Artie I wrote a post yesterday on DS. I have it posted today!! I am just hoping her new show has some substance to it. HGTV needs a new shot in the arm and I hope she is it!! Kathysue

  11. The camera adores Emily's smile and personality, yet Michael worked hard on his presentation and his was more entertaining to me. Emily had an advantage in picking first and put together a better team overall, while Michael got last pick and had to take the designer who was booted off after Day One's white box project. The last show should have been two hours, because too much was jammed into this showcase episode. I wish the judges had visited the apartments to see the results in person. I liked both finalists and thought that each did a very good job of decorating. But from the beginning, I was rooting for Emily, and voted for her to have the online show. I haven't heard who that winner is. Pam

  12. Unfortunately, even with HGTV as a cable network we do not get the program. :(

    From seeing Emily's final project I can understand why she won as I feel the space would appeal to the masses in general. Also, with a few change-outs in accessories, it could also appeal to the female gender. -Brenda-