Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nate Show Decorating Buddies

I had one heck of a time in NYC during the short trip I made there to film the segment for Nate Berkus, but one of the best things about the trip was meeting the other three lovely ladies who had gorgeous rooms that didn't cost thousands.

I posted about Joi of Nuestra Vida Dulce here, and she's on the sidebar here, too! Today, I'll introduce you to the other spaces, too!

First, let's look at Laura's beautiful spaces. She's a paint genius, loves it's transformative quality (and even got some air time on Nate's show about her fun projects!!!) You can look at her website: or check out her new blog at Here are some interior shots from her portfolio:

I'm in love with this! That folding screen as a headboard it the most perfect color, isn't it? And though I'm not quite sure - I think that Laura may have stenciled that Indian paisley fabric!

This bedroom is labeled: "exotic" on Laura's website. Isn't it evocative of a West Indies vacation spot? That table at the foot of the bed was a mosaic project of Laura's, and there again you see her love of color and painting genius with the horizontal stripes.

I just love this bathroom! The runner on the concrete floor is actually paint. Could you tell? And the corrugated metal as a tub surround - perfection!

If you get a chance to go to her website, Laura has a video tour of lots of these rooms, and tells about how she did her back splash out of glass craft beads. It's beautiful.

And last but not least - the gorgeous Moorish arches hand stenciled in Laura's great room have me inspired to do a similar look in my basement. So beautiful right? A great way to add architectural interest to flat walls.
Laura has great taste, and a beautiful home. More than that, she was fun and energetic about the show, and has a colorful personality - that as you can see, shines right through.
Next, Kathy. Kathy has a beautiful home - and shares my passion of all things layered. She also has been collecting bamboo and faux bamboo items for years, and before I even had the chance to meet Kathy - I met one of her exquisite bamboo wrought iron chairs she painted and recovered herself.
You see, they had us bring items from the rooms that were being recognized on the show. They decided not to use them - so you won't see them, but each of us got a chance to ooo and ahh over great stuff from each other's homes. I wish Kathy had a blog or a website, heck, even Nate told her she should have one (how fantastic is that!?) but she was sweet enough to send me some pictures, so let's take a look:
Isn't this a perfect seating vignette? An exterior screen serves as a great architectural backdrop - and after meeting Kathy - it's no surprise she'd have sequined pillows on leopard print chairs. She's full of great ideas, and pairs it all beautifully.
I'm gaga over her bedroom, aren't you!? The orange with the brown: magnificent! And if you look really close, I think she and Laura have similar bedding choices with the Indian paisley! Love the maps, and the painted trunk - I could move in tomorrow!

Kathy also sews, and made these pillows and the curtains in the next picture. Don't you love those nautilus shell prints?

See the chairs in the background? They're a beautiful Chinese red and then the seats are covered in that gorgeous chocolate and cream KWIT. They really are gorgeous! Plus, that bamboo pagoda chandelier - total envy!
Her porch is just as beautiful as the interior. Love that settee - a similar blue to Laura's folding screen in the first picture. And the orange again ... I haven't asked, but I think that it's probably her favorite color.

More horizontal stripes in a hallway. Love this!

And lastly, Kathy's great kitchen idea. Now, take head folks - I was shocked! She used duralee snakeskin fabric as a back splash and then finished it off with nailhead trim! Isn't is gorgeous!? This is a great idea. Thank you Kathy for sharing!

So there you go - a pre-introduction to everyone before you see the show on November 4, 2010. Check your local listings, or go to The Nate Show and see what channel and when it'll be on your tv!


  1. ooh i go for the Ralph Lauren!! so warm and cosy! i love de blocks!!
    my home hase the same colours! love autumn.
    happy weekend

  2. Super eye candy. I am sure you had a fantastic trip and these ladies have such talent. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  3. Artie, ooooh. I have a folding screen I am going to paint and use as a headboard. Will show the before and after when I begin!

    Art by Karena

  4. Oh, man...what awesome images..
    See ya in a bit for Linky..:)

  5. Who would have thought -- fabric as a kitchen back splash. LOVE it. Just killer. There is no end to the creativity out there -- thanks for sharing and looking forward to your debut on the 4th!

  6. Hi:

    I am Kathy Wall's sister.

    Your blog is great.