Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday: Vignette Fridays

I've always been a fan of a well stocked bar cart. The look of it is so rich, and sophisticated. I haven't ever had a wonderful bar cart however, so I shied away from putting it all together. Then I came across these great inspiration pictures which show how you can have a well stocked bar "cart" on furniture that isn't traditionally considered to be home bar furniture.

Some carts are thrown in for good measure ... but I think I'll take this bit of inspiration, and style a little something for the Lewiston Tour of Homes this coming weekend. If you're in the area, I certainly hope you're coming! Enjoy!

image: Bloomingdales Window Challenge / Eddie Ross
image: Designers Visions Showhouse NYC / Thom Filicia
image: Lonny Mag / Deborah Needleman
image: Lake House / Thom Filicia
image: Veranda

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  1. Yes, also a fan of the well stocked bar cart! Very nice images. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Artie- So, what are you saying? You are going to take drinking to a more serious level?>) Love your inspirational photos, as always! Hugs- Diana

  3. LOL! Yes, Diana. I think I may take it from a casual occurance to a full time hobby! :) Happy Thanksgiving xoxo,A

  4. You too, Sherry! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and thank you for stopping in today! :)

  5. Wow! Over the top ideas! Thanks Artie!

  6. Hi Artie! I love the rustic looking wooden one! I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving!...hugs...Debbie

  7. My favorite, although not my personal style, is the Veranda one because it's so darn sexy and sophisticated, if a bar cart can be sexy!! Thanks for hosting and Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Perfect timing Artie. I was working on my bar area for the holidays. Thanks for the inspiration photos. If I get it done tonight I will link up.

  9. So a fan of the well stocked bar! Old old house had the entertaining portion along the entire "back" of the house, bar, indoor bbq room and I loved "stocking" the bar and all the paraphernalia to go with it. This house is by far not that large (and I like it that way) but we did have to create the "bar cabinet"... if you are interested check it out here:

    Thanks for sharing these - great ideas. Love them one and all.

  10. You're welcome Cabin and Cottage! Glad you liked them, Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Hey Debbie, I think that's my favorite too! Tom Filicia is amazing at what he does ... his whole house is great. I think I may do that house as a Inspiring Tuesdays post ... hmmm??? Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  12. Carol - SURE a bar cart can be sexy! And that one certainly is! Glad it could inspire you as it has inspired me! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

  13. Hey Sami!!!
    Please link up - or if you can't this week, next week! I'd love to see it!

  14. Hey Marlis - I'm on my way over! :)

  15. Lovely photo inspirations, I think my favourite is the lake house one.

  16. Nothing to contribute this week, I'm afraid, but I'm hoping to do a few vignettes this weekend and take some pictures {if the sun every comes out}. I'll be visiting, but hope to join in next week!

  17. Hello!!

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I simply love the last picture! Stunning!

    If you can, please, go take a look at my post today.. it's about "RICKY MARTIN'S HOUSE"!

    It's really fun!


    Luciane at

  18. Love this idea--sure looks cool! I have a vintage garden cart I think I could convert.

  19. Artie! Wouldn't you love to see Thom Filicia's lake house? I'm only about 20 miles from there. Friends of mine that live on the lake see him roaming through town when he's there. They say that he's a really nice guy. I love that wooden cart/table piece that he's used in here. Reminds me of a piece that I've seen at 'Arhaus'.

  20. Great bar cart images. I love the wooden table/cart!

    Sorry to be so late to the party!