Sunday, December 19, 2010

More of La Maison Home

I'm sure that you all remember the Inspiring Spaces post I did on Pat and Stephanie Celii's La Maison Home in Chadds Ford, PA. In fact, some of you loved the store, and the post so much, that you called and purchased some of the items from the photos! Lucky duck(s)!

Scott and I decided that this year for Christmas, we'd visit the du Pont Christmas displays, and accordingly, I made sure to stop by my favorite store in Chadds Ford. Pat was there, beautiful as always, with a warm smile and several new vignettes and items in the store that I knew you'd all swoon over!
Still washed in grays and whites, La Maison remains decorated for the Holiday, but has a new rug, cabinet, and layout making it feel like a completely different space. Pat loves creating these vignettes and changing up rooms, and gets a chance to do it often - thanks to her prime location, loyal customers, and the combination of Stephanie's and her fabulous eye for design and decor.
I loved the simplicity of Pat's Christmas decor. A simple cluster of waxed fruit and savory herb leaves tied into fresh greens adorn the stairs, while snow flocked trees and branches perch on cabinets, tables; in baskets, urns, and hurricanes.
What I love most about La Maison Home is the quality of the furniture and decor. Pat and Stephanie find only the best to put into the shop, and they price it so reasonably! From French settees, to busts, and cabinets - candle hurricanes, mirrors, and bedding - you can find absolutely anything and everything at La Maison Home.

One thing that you won't find anywhere else are the gorgeous mirrors Pat and Stephanie have in every room. Stunning and extremely large, they're made from old windows, doors, and pier stands.
And there's no one that can do a vignette like Pat ...

There are more than 7 rooms of amazing beauty and unique items at La Maison Home, each with their own flair.
Remember this room was set up for a pseudo informal Thanksgiving dinner last time we were here for our visit - now, it is the perfect place for a new hand painted settee to take center stage. I have a feeling though, after talking with Pat, there are changes in store for this room.

Don't you just love the light from that gorgeously decorated tree in the mirror? This one, along with the one in the photo above are just a couple of the many amazing mirrors you'll find at La Maison, and how could I not talk about the papier mache horse ... if you've got the room, it's a must have!

There's one thing from this room that will soon be making an appearance at CDLV. Can you guess what it is?
Now, you didn't think she took out dining all together, did you? Pat and Stephanie created this dining space in one of the other rooms on the first floor. Gorgeous washed and painted furniture, upholstered in linen and of the best quality - I was shocked that Pat has 10 of these chairs, priced 1/2 of what you'd pay at Restoration Hardware.
More of her gorgeous table settings and vignettes.

Looking into another room, you get a full view of one of the chairs. Stunning, right? I wouldn't lead you in the wrong direction! They are stunning! I'm such a fan of the shutters you see in the back of the photo, don't you? So unique, and finely detailed.

Can we just talk for a second about the beautiful juxtapose of the linen upholstered French settee and vividly colored Middle Eastern rug? It's a little unexpected, right? I mean, in most other stores with similar decor, you'd see seagrass - or sisal. But this is what makes La Maison Home so much better than those other stores! It's not just filled with glorious objects, it's a source of inspiration for every room in your home!

Up on the second floor, Pat and Stephanie have styled two bedrooms and the room above - filled with beautiful furniture, plates, candles, lamps, urns, lanterns ... you name it!

I'm IN LOVE with this antique wrought iron daybed! Simply beautiful, and perfectly befit to this space. And it's even vignette'd' for Christmas. Check out that stocking and fabric candycanes!

And of course, the blue and white room - one of my favorites, and according to the comments from last time we visited the store, a favorite of many of yours, too! This time it's decorated for Christmas too ... simply, but perfectly.

Now, as you might imagine, it takes a while to really absorb the beauty of this store. You can walk around for an hour before even venturing up stairs! But this time, Pat and Stephanie had a tent set up off the back of the store with a collection of personal and found objects marked at incredibly low prices.
Can you believe that this is in a tent? Is there anything this dynamic duo can't style to perfection?
I was a huge fan, HUGE FAN, of these glass candlesticks, and the candle rings.
Aren't they great? Now, I wish I could have gotten to this earlier (but I did JUST see it, Today!) the tent sale is over Tuesday, so if you're in the area - or you find anything from these photos a MUST HAVE, call Pat or Stephanie at La Maison Home: 610-338-1229 or 610-388-2552.

If you are in the area, stop by and tell them I sent ya!

810 Baltimore Pike, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania 19317

And if you want to send them an email:


  1. I really love this place, Artie! I can't imagine how one doesn't go broke after a visit in there! I see several things I'd love to own, from furniture to accessories to some of those lovely red quilts. Thanks for sharing your visit with us.

  2. I went to visit the shop after your inviting article and was so pleased with their selection- a little bit of France in PA for once- so hard to find around here!

    I ended purchasing 4 pillows and an urn and had to restrain myself from buying more- after all, it is the season of giving- but to others (oops)!

    Thanks for featuring this beautiful shop- I will definitely be going back.

  3. I just e-mailed them for a confirmation on directions. I can't WAIT to get there!!!! This place is spectacular and THANK YOU for sharing it!!! I have been so busy I haven't gotten there since you last post and I could kick myself!!!! XO, Pinky

  4. Artie I am amazed by this fabulous shop, thank you so much for featuring La Maison Home.

    Joyeaux Noel!!

    Art by Karena

  5. Oh wow. I am in love with everything, and your photos are superb. Superb!! Merry Christmas Artie. Molly J.

  6. Oh, Artie. I wish I was lucky enough to be closer to this glorious store. I think they'd have to throw me out of there. I could literally buy every room and start all over. I agree, its a store far superior to others with similar furnishings. You can tell stephanie and pat really love what they buy. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Merry Xmas to you and Scott.

  7. Hey Artie....
    Just attempting to catch up with posts! Love this place...I'll have to see if I can intice one of my friends to take the trip in the spring.

  8. Good thing I don't live within a reasonable radius of the store as I would become one of their permanent fixtures. :) Their inventory is amazing! Thanks so much for the tour my friend.
    As its the Season to be busy and in case I don't get back to visit;

  9. Oooo la la. I love it all. Heading there after Christmas. Hope that beautiful daybed is still there.

  10. WHy was this place not there when I live in West Chester? It's beautiful!!!

    Jane (artfully graced)

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    Hope all is well... xo
    :D Lynda

  13. Oh I so wish I could shop there but thanks for the next best thing. Letting me visit virtually. I have added it to my "bucket list".