Friday, July 9, 2010

More of Sarah's House for Less

As I found out when I posted: Sarah Richardson Meets Pottery Barn, almost TWO THOUSAND of you loved post! Don't you just love site meter? Anyway, it occurred to me that I had cataloged almost all of the rooms from Season 3's country house, and there are other places where you can get the Sarah look for less.

Now, I'll start off again by saying, I love Sarah Richardson. Her style, aesthetic, eye, and wonderful on-air personality have her riding well above any other television designer on my list. If she ever did work in the states, you could bet your bottom dollar I'd scrape and pinch til' I could hire her to do my kitchen, but I digress. Onto the meat of this post, shall we?

The master bedroom. Let me first start by saying how genius it was to railroad that exterior grade rough hewn siding all around the room as wainscot. Remember when she used this to do the ceiling of the carport in Season 2? Anyway, the minute she decided to use that in the room, I fell even more in love with the addition. Top that off with the four poster bed, and delicious colors and I was ready to move in. Anyone got $1.6 million you could loan me?

Now, because I know you watch the show - you aren't going to be surprised when I say that Sarah is the QUEEN of re upholstery. Oh, to have her source. But if you're looking for large floral or botanical graphic chairs like these on a budget that's not so custom-upholstery, check out these chairs from target:

Still with a great punchy pattern, and open leg, these chairs are more than $1,000 less than the version Sarah used once upholstered, and add similar graphic interest and texture to the room. Available in a myriad of fabrics, these armless slipper chairs can be found here.

If you must have an arm, why not try the slope or swoop arm chairs available for the same price at Target here and at Urban Outfitters here. Gorgeous, right? What's better - you can find so many fabrics to coordinate with these for pillows (like Sarah's) to add even more of an individual and high style look on much much less. One place I love lurking for custom made pillows from high-end designer fabric without the designer price tag is Elegant Touch on Etsy or at her website: You can't beat the pricing or the quality.

Who wouldn't love the luxury of a fireplace in their space? Especially one clad with carrera and finished with a walnut mantle circa 1900? The point I want to make in my high-low comparison is the use of fun color and fabric. Fabric can cost you so little, and yet make such a high impact. Places like JoAnn's and Calico Corners are walk-in stores where you can see, feel, and compare ... but if you're open to online shopping for fabric, check out the fabrics at P. Tree Textiles. They've got some very similarly styled fabrics to designer options you'll pay more than $145/yrd. for, like this and this.

Of course, fabric shouldn't be used just on furniture or for pillows and bedding. It's simple to pick up lampshades like these, which Sarah purchased at Pottery Barn or make your own with fabric that fits your room!
I'm also absolutely, positively in love with Sarah's use of vintage and antique items this time around. Although her eye gravitates easily toward items with history, and character, Sarah seemed to use more antique and one-of-a-kind pieces in this house. My tip for antiques on the cheap: CRAIGSLIST! Often times, you'll find pieces with incredible history and character for pennies. You know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.
Now, depending on where you live - you're absolutely likely to find a piece like this 4-poster bed. But just in case you can't, look for Indonesian Furniture importers. Some of the best antique reproduction comes from there.
And of course, the quilt the room was designed around. If you're lucky, Grandma left you one of these. If you're not, take a look for them around your local antique co-ops. Usually, they're inexpensively priced and in good shape. For an online source, check out, they offer handmade quilts are very reasonable prices.
So think upon it ... and let me know what you think. I hope the sources, if you didn't already know about them, are helpful in your next decorating project. Now, I'm off to play in the garden. Goodness knows - it needs it! Pictures coming soon.