Wednesday, January 18, 2012

LOVE ... Two of a Kind

Designer Credit: Michael Howard
Whether it's mirrors, chests, sofas, accessories, lamps, side chairs, or framed prints ... I'm a sucker for matched pairs ...

Designer Credit: Mary McDonald

Designer Credit: Mary McDonald

Designer Credit: Dan Marty

Designer Credit: Ryan Brown

Restoration Hardware San Francisco Store
Designer Credit: Paul Corrie

I could go on and on ... but while we're talkin' about Two of a Kind, I have to send out a big Happy Birthday to Scott, I love you.


  1. What a beautiful post!
    Yes, I'm a sucker for matched pairs as well. I think there is therapy out there for it but who wants that, right?
    Thank you for sharing - Have a great day!

  2. A pair can make such a statement. These are perfectly gorgeous examples! ...happy birthday to Scott!

  3. Happy Birthday Scott ... you and Artie are 'two of a kind' for sure, the best kind!

  4. Happy birthday, Scott! Hope you have a double happy day!

  5. Happy Birthday Scott!

    Now about this beautiful the pics. Im such a freak about pair and things being balanced. As much as I try to switch up my displays there is always a pair in every room.

    to you and Scott (a fabulous pair)

    Lucky 7 Design

  6. Happy Birthday, Scott. This is such a beautiful post, Artie. Two of a kind certainly doubles the impact. I love the pair of oil jars in Michael Trapp's beautiful garden and that lovely collection of blue jars and vases on the console table make me so happy. Thanks for all this inspiration.