Monday, January 10, 2011

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by Ken Gemes

Even though the website of designer Ken Gemes doesn't list much about him personally, a little investigative blogger-ism found that he's married to designer Boo Gemes, a clothing designer with a website here, and even though that may not sound like much of a lead, knowing it allowed me to find out that Ken started his career in fashion, in fact ending up the senior vice president of Bushwacker Inc., a women's sportswear manufacturer in New York. Originally from Atlanta, Gemes has a definite southern grace to his interiors, which he's been creating through his firm, Edwin Gemes, Ltd. since 2001. Featured in Traditional Home, the following pictures come from his cover feature of a Bridgehampton redo. You can find more images from his portfolio on his website:



  1. Very nice Artie I love the color palettes used!! Wonerful Images!

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    from Blydesign.

    Art by Karena

  2. I could absolutely move into this home, it is perfection in an elegant but relaxed way. I have a couple of these images in my files and did not know this was the designer, thank you Artie for showing these wonderful rooms, Kathysue

  3. * As the saying goes Artie, "GOOOOOD FIND!"...

    It's rare that I see spaces, let alone MANY of them at the same time, that ALL seem uber- delightful, verrry comfy, welcoming and oh-so-charming... spaces I could actually move right into!!! ...Annnnd, THIS posting has it ALL!!!

    Thanks soooo much for the treat (and that yellow?~~~ ooooh, just DIVINE!!!)......

    Best in 2011,
    Linda in AZ *
    (OH, and BTW, that MONKEY PIC in the dining area is just sooooo PERFECT!!!)...

  4. I ran into the name Ken Gemes on And I certainly admire his work. This is a really inspiring post. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. I adore every space, and the monkey painting...fabulous!!

  6. I never heard of Ken Gemes before...I am loving all the white! I never was a fan of all white rooms until I moved to Buffalo and my house was very white. Now that I'm in Texas this house needs some white. I like the touch of black too! Very inspirational! Thanks Artie! Stay warm....

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  8. Oh I so love these rooms!! All the browns and taupe and ivories! Just simply gorgeous!!