Thursday, February 17, 2011

Many Thanks!!

I had a huge to-do list this week ... HUGE! But, I still made time to find some inspiration pictures to share with you all to make up for missing our normal Tuesday post. Just one photo for today, but  one that I was hugely excited to find. It's gone to the top of the pile for me this week, and I hope you'll find some inspiration in it as well!

See you Sunday with some great photos of CDLV.


  1. Wonderful image Artie and I am excited to see more!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Very soothing room, with the sophistication provided by the gold picture frames and overmantel mirror.

  3. What a lovely room, love its spaciousness and classic look:)

  4. I have always had a dislike for a mirror above a fireplace. The reason being, all you see is the ceiling in the reflection. If you look at it in the picture you don't see anything interesting reflected in it. So, if you have a black space for the fire when not in use. Then a blank space in the mirror, it just has no interest. Just my thoughts on a mirror. Kathy

  5. I'm strolling through Blogland today and trying to catch up with people I haven't visited in a while. Your bottles are have too many talents!

  6. Now THAT is a room that has my name on it. I love every single thing about it, from the furnishings to the bones. LOVE it.