Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Weekly Event: Terrific Kitchen Thursday

Scott and I have been talking about a kitchen remodel for over a year. It's not that our current kitchen is awful, in fact - it's not awful at all. But we need a better lower (base) cabinet layout and some updates in the event that we sell.

So, to catalog my ideas for the kitchen - I figure I'll start a weekly event to post every Thursday. Inspiring kitchens with so many ideas you can take all or part and be inspired to make minor or major changes to your kitchen, too.

We open it up this week with the kitchen of Joan Gullans Pluck, sister of famed architect/designer Louise Brooks of Brooks & Falotico in Fairfield, Connecticut. When I first saw this kitchen featured in Traditional Home, I knew there were so many elements I'd take when we made our decision to take the plunge:

CDLV Inspiration: The furniture look of the base cabinets, fabulous mouldings! Those bin pulls and gorgeous glass front cabinet doors are absolutely top of the list!

CDLV Inspiration: A built in papertowel holder? Yes, please!

CDLV Inspiration: Spectacular faucet and tile backsplash!

CDLV Inspiration: Architectural detail on the uppers.

CDLV Inspiration: Absolutely love the moulding atop the window frames.

CDLV Inspiration: White. I love White! Scott is not quite sold - but with this collection of images we might just get him to change his mind.
So, what do you think? Are you ready for this weekly event? Are you inspired?


  1. I love the fireplace and your kitchen countertops! It's so lovely!!

  2. That is one Yummy kitchen !
    We remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago ... I warn you now...
    It made me a Kitchen Snob...LOL !
    Have fun !

  3. Ooooh! those are beautiful kitchens!! I am in the process of adding some "embellishments" to mine can't wait to post!

  4. Beautiful kitchens...inspiring and wonderful. Can't wait to see what (if and when you do it) you and Scott come up with for your own kitchen. xxoo Diana

  5. I absolutely love the furniture style molding- so beautiful! It instantly takes the kitchen from ordinary to another level. And the built in paper towel holder is so genius that I don't know why it isn't already a kitchen "standard"!

  6. Love the lights and wall color. Beautiful rooms and the built-in paper towel holder is brilliant! Why had I never thought of that before??? I have always imagined living in a home with a kitchen with white cabinets and this really reinforces that dream. Just gorgeous. Thank you. Looking forward to next Thursday!

  7. Oh my word! What a fabulous kitchen! I cannot wait to see what inspiration you have in store for next Thursday!

    ~ Tracy

  8. You had me at paper towel holder.Love that!
    I love looking at photos/blogs of kitchen remodels.Tho,it is way far down on our to-do list.But bring on the ideas!

  9. Ah, come on Scott ... take the plunge. Be daring, go white!
    (Love your ispirations Artie. Hopefully my comment will help to persuade him.) Hugs

  10. I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but the paper towel thing is genius!

    Your blog design looks amazing too Artie...where have I been lately?

    xx kelley

  11. Artie...
    I'm still playing catch up I guess. Your banner and blog reno looks great!
    Lovin' the white kitchens! I think it's smart to use white as the neutral in the kitchen. It's cool, clean and crisp. Changing the accent colors at whim or with the seasons would be genious! Another genious idea os that papertowel holder...why hasn't that been in the mainstream before?? lol
    Take care....**Tami

  12. I love this kitchen! We have recently replaced all of our appliances with stainless. Countertop is next and hopefully soon. Of course a sink and faucet come with that project. I want granite but I'm not sure I want the price that goes with it. We will also be adding a new backsplash. I'm keeping my cabinets. They aren't my favorite but they are fine.In our last house we tore out the entire kitchen and started from was a mess, but I loved it!

  13. I love this series! And, I LOVE those countertops!!

  14. I love your kitchen countertops! Your blog design looks amazing!

  15. Kitchen is one of my favorite place at home. I really love the design and the concept of how the kitchen was arranged. Nice post!

  16. Hmmm...very pretty for sure. My kitchen needs some updates so I'll be watching with interest. Great thing about white is you can DIY over whatever you have today, or are you thinking complete replacement? I updated my faucet with a pull out nozzle from Lowes...what took me so long. That faucet is pretty but go for the functional with a pullout. Marble for countertop...jury is out on that choice. I have it in master bathroom 7 years now...still looks good but kitchen is a whole other level of abuse on the countertops. Smashing look though. Not a fan of the brass lights. Aren't you glad you asked!? Wonderful blog.

  17. Can I just say how much I love this idea! I just started trying to get ideas for my kitchen redo, and will definitely be back to see what else you pull. Love the paper towel holder, genius!
    So glad to be your newest follower!

  18. hi artie!
    gorgous kitchen!! I've been thinking about the paper towel holder for a couple of days;).... at first I thought it was brilliant, but have since decided that I don't want to look at paper towels all day- so I changed my mind. Maybe with a little push-open catch and the door covering the towels popped open??

    happy weekend!